BTS’ Speech At The 76th UN General Assembly Drew in Over 980,000 Viewers Worldwide


“The United Nations General Assembly is a gathering of world leaders, change makers and influential personalities discussing issues that affect the world like global warming, climate change etc. As soon as it was announced that BTS would be gracing the event, ARMYs started anticipating the actual date. The chat box was already full of engagements as fans wrote messages, comments but mostly purple hearts. Once the countdown began the chats went crazy with excitement.

The views on YouTube kept increasing as the UN leaders gave their speech and at the highest peak the views were over 983,000 when BTS started giving out their speech, then showed a pre recorded performance on their hit song “Permission to Dance” These were just the views on the UN YouTube channel, other media like Facebook and the organizations website had thousands of views

More than 980,000 viewers were tuned in there, and tens of thousands of others viewed on other YouTube channels and platforms. South Korean President introduced BTS before they came in to deliver their speeches

“Probably the artist that is most loved by people around the world who have been designated as Special Envoys for Future Generation and Culture…” South Korean President Moon Jae-in

Before, during and after BTS’ speech #BTSatUNGA trended worldwide together with #UNGA , #GotARMYRightBehindYou which is still trending with over 1 million tweets hours after the speech.

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