BTS’ Message Of Hope During The UN General Assembly 76th session Is Exactly What The World Needs Right Now

“BTS spoke at the SDG Moment event as part of the UN General Assembly 76th session General Debate at the United Nations Headquarters on September 20, 2021 in New York City. They gave messages of hope and redefined the meaning of youth. In their speeches, BTS let the world know that they too had been affected by the pandemic in the last two years but soon found new ways to overcome those feelings. BTS stressed on the need to look at the future as something not dark and hopeless but we should make a choice to change all that and live better. Unlike in 2018 where RM mostly gave the speech, all the members gave their heartfelt messages that I am sure resonated with the whole world. Here are the members’ messages to the world.


“There were times during the past two years when I too felt bewildered and troubled, but still, we had people who cried out “let’s live on, let’s make the best of this moment. Instead of the lost generation, a more appropriate name would be the welcome generation because instead of fearing change, this generation says “welcome” and keeps pushing ahead”


“We are in the ideal time of our lives to take on new challenges. It wasn’t as if you could blame anyone. You must have felt the frustration… the world changed like if we were transported in a flash to a parallel one. In these pictures, you can see there are kids that are trying to learn new things… They are not lost, they are finding new courage and taking on new challenges”


“It was a time for us to mourn, for the things that #COVID19 took away from us, a time to discover how precious each and every moment we had taken for granted was. There will be choices we make that might not be perfect but that does not mean there won’t be anything we can do”


“I learned that there are many young people interested in environmental issues and choose it as their field of study. The future is unexplored territory, and that’s where we more than anyone will spend our time. And they are searching for the answers. I’ve heard that people in their teens and 20’s today are being referred to as Covid lost generation. That they lost their way at the time they needed the most opportunities…but I think it’s a stretch to say they’ve lost. If we believe in possibilities and hope, even when the unexpected happens we won’t lose our way, but discover a new one”


“Everyone agrees that Climate Change is an important problem but talking about the best solution might be, that’s not easy. It’s a topic that is tough to make conclusions about. What is important are the choices we make when we are faced with change right? Some of you heard the news that we were coming to the UN and a lot of you were wondering whether we were vaccinated… and yes all seven of us, of course, we received


“I hope we just don’t consider the future as grim darkness. We have people concerned for the world and searching for answers. There are still many pages left in the story about us and I feel like we shouldn’t talk like the ending has already been written”


“Sometimes it feels like the world is stuck in place. It feels like if you’ve lost your way. There was a time when we felt the same way”

“We thought the world stopped but it continues to move forward, I believe that every choice that we make is the beginning of change, not the end. I hope that in this… new world we can say to each other: “Welcome”

Watch the full speech below


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