BTS’ JungKook Sold Out His Entire Louis Vuitton Outfit He Wore At Incheon Airport While Heading To New York

“On September 18th BTS flew to New York to attend the 76th UN General Assembly, becoming their third time to appear at the event. At the Incheon Airport, BTS Jungkook made his appearance wearing a tie-dye shirt and cargo pants from Louis Vuitton. “BTS Airport Jungkook” ended up in the Hot Search terms on the Twitter and he trended wit several keyword. True to his nickname “Sold Out King” Jungkook’ entire look completely sold out on the American Louis Vuitton website.

Jungkook’s entire airport Louis Vuitton wear is still out of stock. today 20th September 2021. The $1,220 tie-dye shirt sold out in 17 countries, $2,060 cargo denim pants sold out in 22 countries, $3,800 backpack sold out in 21 countries and the $600 shoes are also sold out on WOOYOUNGMI website.


All the items are still sold out today. You can click the links to check out their availability

Zipped Monogram Tie-Dye Shirt

Printed Monogram Tie-Dye Cargo Denim Pant

Black double lace high-top Sneakers


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