Our Best & Hilarious Moments From RUN BTS! “Staycation” Episode 151

“BTS continued their Staycation on RUN BTS! From last week. They were staying at the Josun Palace Hotel and this episode they were to spend their time in their individual rooms, which of course they still ended up in on member’s room. They each ordered room service and has a great time enjoying and binge watching episodes on TV, Netflix. In episode 151, we had YouTube Jimin making a comeback, JungKook’s Mukbang session and SUGA’s watching cat video which fans loved completely. RUN BTS! is usually the place where ARMY goes to enjoy themselves and laugh because BTS together is always comedy. Here are our favorite moments from the latest episode

YouTuber Jimin Comeback

Yoongi watching cat videos

Yoongi stating facts, refusing to be bought

j-hope watching reruns of their show RUN BTS!

Black card owner Jin being generous

Personal space is who again? agenda continues

JungKook enjoying his meal

Bangtan falling asleep

Jimin ordering food

Taehyung and yoongi teasing Seokjin

Jungkook and his face mist

Ending fairy Jimin

How much JungKook loves his noodles

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