BTS’ j-hope Talked About His Experience At A Coldplay Concert & How It Influenced Him as An Artist

j-hope and RM at the 2017 Coldplay concert

Sometimes you never know where destiny might take you, the events in your life unfold in such a mysterious way that when things comes together you will be like, “huh, so this happened because of that” Who ever though that BTS would collaborate with Coldplay? The two artists announced their collaboration and it brought back memories of when RM and j-hope attended a Coldplay concert back in 2017. In a 2017 log on their BangtanTV YouTube channel, j-hope spoke about his experience at a Coldplay concert and how it influenced him to think deeper about being an artist.

j-hope spoke of how it was interesting to be in the perspective of a fan watching a concert since he usually is the artist that fans watch. He mentioned that he’s admired and looked up to them since he was a kid and that he got a lot of inspiration and energy from Coldplay’s’ concert

BTS’ j-hope and RM leaving a Coldplay concert in 2017

“There was a great concert being held, which is Coldplay I just watched the performance of an artist that I’ve liked since I was young, so I was able to gain energy from that. As it’s been a long time since Coldplay has had a performance, I went to watch it. As I was watching it, from the perspective of being a fan of the artist, I really felt that sort of ‘nervous and tingly happiness’ which I haven’t felt for a long time. Also, because I have the experience and perspective of someone who does concerts, I also realized and shared that feeling of gratitude towards fans who like me, to the fans who listen to my music. The atmosphere today was awesome.” j-hope

“Also as much as I have received great inspiration and energy from today’s concert, I will also have to conclude the remaining schedules for the BTS WINGS Tour well. I felt that (just like Coldplay), I must also put on a good performance. So as much as I’ve gained energy I will be inspired from that and be sure to pass on this energy to the fans who love and support me.” j-hope

j-hope and RM attended their concert in 2017 and now 2021 BTS is collaborating with Coldplay in their song “My Universe” set to be released on 24th September

Watch his Vlog below

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