The Kelly Clarkson Show Apologises To ARMY For A Questionable Mistake Regarding Mention Of BTS

“ARMY (BTS’s fans) is a force to be reckoned with as they are BTS’ protectors just like BTS always protect ARMY. The fandom has called out literally bullshit as it is, from artists, media personalities or even corporations disrespecting or using BTS. The fans are keen on every detal pertaining to BTS and will point out anything out of order, they will always make sure that the world knows that BTS is 7, always.

Kelly Clarkson, American host for the show “The Kelly Clarkson Show” found herself on the receiving end of backlash after displaying a photo that was not BTS when she was talking about the members. Kelly was interviewing Chris Martin about his collaboration with BTS on their new song “My Universe”

During the talk, Kelly talked about BTS and they showed the screen only to be shown a picture of an unknown group.

This did not sit well with ARMY as regardless whether it was a mistake or not, it should have not happener. Someone (producer, editor, researcher, host) did not do their homework properly. BTS is a worldwide known international boyband, when you search on Google and click on images, there are a billion images of BTS that will show up, from the first image!

How does one miss that?

Another search result on Google about BTS

As much as the show apologised, the mistake was a grave one. It’s not like the show was a hurriedly put together show, and even if it was, fact checking is the number one fundamental rule of journalism. The clip must have or should have passed through several hands to be approved before being shown.

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