BTS Met South Korean President Moon Jae-in To Be Awarded Their Diplomatic Passports As “Special Envoy For Future and Culture” At The Blue House

“BTS have received their diplomatic passports officially becoming “Special Ambassadors for Future Generations and Culture” this year. The site of the award ceremony for the ‘Presidential Special Envoy for the Future Generation and Culture of BTS‘ was held at the main building of the Blue House. BTS met the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in and took individual photos with the president and other photos as individuals. This is truly an incredible event and there is sense of pride and gratitude from fans, the country South Korea and I can only imagine what their parents must be feeling at this moment. BTS is set to make an appearance at the 76th UNGA as they are gearing up to leave South Korea for the first time in two years since the pandemic began.

BTS and South Korean President Moon Jae-in walking into the Blue House

On July 21 South Korean President appointed BTS as Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture. BTS are now the first set of citizens under the age of 30 years to be given a diplomatic passport to enable their visit to the US amidst the global pandemic. The Diplomatic passports are issued to diplomats and nationals who work for the government and serve them under diplomatic terms usually above the age of 30 years. A Diplomatic Passport allows the recipients to travel to over 100 countries without a Visa on official businesses and guarantee special treatment in other countries .

During the ceremony at Blue House (the executive office and official residence of the South Korean president) in which BTS received their Diplomat Passports, they also received Special Envoy Certificates from the President who greeting them with the certificate and a bumped fists with each of the seven BTS members.


The statement on South Korea’s Blue House official Twitter Handle said

BTS being awarded

“President Moon Jae-in awarded future and cultural envoy appointment to BTS.”
Along with President Moon Jae-in, BTS members RM (Kim Nam-jun), Jin (Kim Seok-jin), Sugar (Min Yun-ki), Jay Hop (Jeong Ho-seok), Jimin (Park Ji-min), Büh (Kim Tae-hyung) and Jeong Kook (Jeong Jeong-kuk) will attend the 76th U.N. General Assembly and begin full-fledged special envoy activities by attending and speaking at the “SDG Moment” event on 20 February.”

“Along with President Moon Jae-in, BTS members RM (Nam-Jun Kim), Jin (Suk-Jin Kim), Suga (Yoon-Ki Min), J-Hope (Hoseok Jung), Jimin (Jimin Park), V (Tae-Hyeong Kim), and Jungkook (Jung-Kook Jeon) will be held on the 20th. SDG Moment’ event, he will attend the 76th United Nations General Assembly and begin his special envoy activities.”

BTS’ Diplomatic Passports

As BTS has delivered messages of comfort and hope to the world over the years, BTS’ participation in the UN General Assembly will serve as a meaningful opportunity to expand communication with future generations around the world and elicit sympathy for future generations on major international issues. expect it to be.”

“According to the Enforcement Decree of the Passport Act of Korea, these are the people who can receive diplomatic passports: people in high positions in the govt like the president or cabinet members (or a family member of one), special envoys appointed by the president (like BTS) or government employees who work for high-ranking government officials and need it for work. The validity of a diplomatic passport (aka how long you can keep one) depends on a few factors like the length of the diplomatic mission, how old you are, etc -” modooborahae/Twitter

“[#TodaysBangtan] 2!3! Hello we are #CultureEnvoysSonyrondan #BTS #SpecialPresidentialEnvoyForFutureGenerationsAndCulture #BTSARMY #Got_ARMY_Behibd_Us #TogetherWithARMYsTooInOurHearts”

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