With Over 70 Billion Views BTS’ JungKook Extends His #1 MOST VIEWED Individual Hashtag Record In TikTok History

“JungKook is the FIRST & ONLY Individual to hold the record of most viewed individual hashtag on TikTok. The “Euphoria” BTS Vocalist has officially surpassed 70 billion views on the platform despite not having a personal social media account. JungKook is the social media King as he always trends with the highest mentions on Twitter, he had over 8 million mentions during his birthday on 1st September and his fancams on TikTok always garner milions of views within minutes of being posted.

JungKook is the most searched Kpop idol according to google. He has maintained that position since 2019 and he has been gaining popularity at a high speed.

Other hashtags with billions of views include #jungkookie 2.0 Billion and jungkookbts 1.7 Billion, the others range from 18 Million to 166 Million views

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