“Butter” feat. Megan Thee Stallion & BTS’ 3Js Coming Soon! Is ARMY Ready?

“The 3Js are back! ARMY is getting “Butter” feat Megan Thee Stallion featuring JungKook, Jimin and j-hope (3J’s) On their official Twitter page BTS teased the news with the words “3J “Butter” feat Megan Thee Stallion 12PM KST, Coming soon” No further information has been provided but the way JungKook, Jimin and j-hope are dressed, they are definitely dancing, question is, will they physically dance with Megan?

3Js is the dance line in BTS where the dynamic trip have performed together before , they showcased their dance skills during BTS’ home party.

The 3Js also had solo performances for the Idol intro performance at the 2018 MMA

This is about to be lit!

BTS’ 3J (JungKook, Jimin, j-hope)

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