Exciting News! BTS “In The Soop” Season 2 Coming Soon In October!

“Nothing more we love than watching BTS enjoy relaxing moments together. Their laughter knowing that they have each other and are enjoying themselves is what fans live for. ARMY was celebrating “In The Soop’s” one year anniversary last month and one of the things that fans kept wishing for was another season and the wish was finally granted! Season 2 will start in October!

BTS In the Soop,” was an incredible 8 episode reality show that saw the seven members of Bangtan take a break from their regular work schedule to pursue hobbies at a beautiful and scenic lake-side cabin. This is where we saw the members engage in various fun activities like kite flying, batminton, ping pong, boxing, diys, legos, playing instruments among other relaxing past times.

BTS “In The Soop” Season 1 was broadcast on Korean network JTBC, with an extended version of the episode becoming available for those who had purchased the entire season the following day. Those who bought the season on Weverse had access to a behind-the-scene extra for every episode. Season 1 of “BTS In the Soop” is currently available for purchase via Weverse Shop.

Not much information has been provided about the purchase or airing of the second season so keep watching this space for more

Here are our favourite moments from Season 1, we cannot wait to see more heart warming moments

j-hope, jimin and V water fight

Legs for days 😉 Jimin and Jin

Jin fishing and threatening the camera person if they do not teach him how to fish

RM and JungKook painting

Their late night dinner time, enjoying each other’s company at the dinner table

j-hope and V’ cute date

Eating together at the table

JungKook’s impressive painting skills

j-hope and SUGA grilling together

Camping out under the skies

Jin flying his kite

JungKook talking to inanimate objects

There were so many moments that we loved and will be looking foward to in the second season!

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