Charity Donations, Billboard Ads, Live Ads, Newspaper Ads, JungKook Forest, Drone Displays, Birthday Events, Bus Ads, Fashion Magazine Ads, Maybe All Of BTS JungKook’s 2021 Birthday Projects

“Tomorrow 1st September will be BTS JungKook’s birthday, depending on your time zone and ARMY have been anticipating the big day with countless projects to show the golden maknae that he is truly loved and cherished. With all the birthday projects which have already started and will probably continue until the end of the month, JungKook has acknowledged that he sees all the wonderful projects. During his birthday last year 2020, he went on Weverse and wrote that,

“Oh my… I was waiting to write before 12 o’clock and then stretched out… It’s been past, but yesterday, for my birthday, I was very impressed with the support and events…”

He thanked ARMY and also was celebrating their very first Billboard Hot 100 #1 for “Dynamite

JungKook 2020 Weverse post

He also talked about his gratitude to fans for the amazing projects when they had an interview with Billboard. He said,

“Iโ€™ve spent the best birthday ever. Itโ€™s unbelievable. On September 1st, I heard the good news and the fans did a lot of support projects like making events, setting off fireworks & changing the trains,”

This year’s birthday projects are on a higher awe inspiring scale proof that JungKook is loved worldwide. From South Korea, India, UK, France, Philippines, Egypt, everyone is getting ready to celebrate JungKook’s birthday. Apart from birthday messages, ARMY have been donating to various charities and starting projects to help the needy and less priviledged which is in itself inspiring. There are probably thousands of birthday projects for JungKook’s birthday, here are some of them as captured by Twitter ARMY user JungKook’s Publicity @JungkookPub

Celebrating Jungkook birthday, a new art class under Jungkook’s name will open it’s doors for children in Heilongjiang, China’s northernmost province. In hope that children who love art will also realize their dreams. The art class will be on service once summer vacation is over!

Jungkook’s flower path made by his birth flower โ€˜Tiger Lilyโ€™ at the entrance of Busan Mipo Blueline Park, South Korea. “In order to make this event a reality, we collected ALL AVAILABLE in the nearby area, and added Champagne Rose to create a romantic atmosphere. Careful preparation and special arrangements were made to ensure the flower path will last for 1 full month!”

Jungkook is Korea’ first artist to receive 25 large digital screens at once from a single fan project nationwide. Furthermore he received from same fanbase 5 Maxi LEDs in Japan, and one in each of Los Angeles, Bangkok, Roppongi Hills, Toronto, Singapore, Sรฃo Paulo & Amsterdam

Jungkook is Korea’ first artist to receive 25 large digital screens at once from a single fan project nationwide. Furthermore he received from same fanbase 5 Maxi LEDs in Japan, and one in each of Los Angeles, Bangkok, Roppongi Hills, Toronto, Singapore, Sรฃo Paulo & Amsterdam โค“

Jungkook to be promoted with 2800 taxi backseat TV advertisements in Seoul, South Korea. If you ride a taxi in Seoul, a small tv displaying jungkook birthday ad will be the first thing confronting your seat. Date: Today, 1 and 2 Sep

Project by @HeartToHeart_KV

Project by @HeartToHeart_KV

Jungkook Chinese fanbase will send tomorrow more than 200 drones into Seoul’s sky to perform for him the world biggest pyrodrone light and fire show, magical customized messages will be written above South Korea major river Hangang. September 1 is a big day

Tomorrow Japan’s 147.2-metre-high Sapporo TV Tower will light purple in honour of Jungkook birthday.

Jungkook to be promoted with a birthday LED signage in Arequipa City, Perรบ. 31 Aug – 1 Sep

Take a look at Jungkook birthday ad in Osaka, Japan.

Jungkook birthday Ads have been installed at Sinchon Hyundai Department Store U-PLEX Underground Passage, Seoul, Korea. In the design there is โ€œHe saysโ€ because those posters in addition to Jungkook charming looks they are boosted with his words (quotes) for passengers to read.

Jungkook ‘s birthday ad spotted in his hometown โ€˜Busanโ€™ at Seomyeon Station. Note that it’s one of busiest stations in South Korea.

In order to preserve endangered turtles and in cooperation with specialized association, Indonesian Army have put the effort to adopt more than 4000 turtles hatchlings (recently emerged from egg), diligently monitored them & then released them back to the sea under Jungkook name!

Jungkook’s birthday massive Billboard by Ukrainian

Jungkook to be promited for the first time in Egypt’s legendary and ancient city โ€˜Cairoโ€™! Total of 3 LEDs will be showcasing Jungkook’s birthday ads to locals and fans through streets of the city.

Jungkook to be advertised in total of 6588 automated teller machines (ATM) in South Korea. When Korean general public use those electronic machines to withdraw cash, deposit or transfer money, or do any other financial service, Jungkook birthday ads will welcome them. Those ads are up already in South Korea and will stay there till 2 September.

Jungkook to have total of 11 tuk-tuk birthday themed cars taking people in trips around luxury ‘Siam’ and ‘Central world’ shopping centers, and Bangkok major surface ‘Sukhumvit Road’, Thailand. Cars will drive every day from 28 Aug to 18 Sep.

Jungkook Chinese fanbase to take over HYBE entertainment area with 150 street banners, 34 meters super sized wall poster facing bulding entrance, 12 bus stop shelter ads, and wrap the buses traveling around the office & surrounding major landmarks all w JK birthday advertisements

Jungkook to pave the way for K-pop in the Caribbean islands nation (America) as he will be the first Korean act to ever be allowed for a TV ad promo there. A 30sec ad will be advertising his birthday 10 times a day on Eplus TV channel. A project by Jamaican Army

Jungkook will be advertised with 10 birthday LED banners At Kuningan City, at the South of Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia.

Jungkook Chinese fanclub to promote โ€˜Still With Youโ€™ with a 7 meters high costumized stage structure resembling to it’s cover design near HYBE building which can be easily seen from far away. The structure’ll be installed on Sep 1 & will stay there for his entire birthday week!

HYBE Office Area Full Coverage Promo. Part 24: 150 Street Banners surrounding HYBE Bldg Part 25: 34m Wide Banner facing HYBE Entrance

FASHION | Jungkook birthday advertising in Korea Top fashion magazines: 2020: Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire 2021: Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire, Harper bazaar, Cosmopolitan 1ST idol to be simultaneously promoted on 3 major fashion magazines last year & 5 this year! By @Jungkook__China

Jungkook is the first K-Pop Idol advertised with a Bus Shelter Billboard in the financial center, economic powerhouse, industrial hub and entertainment capital of India, Mumbai. Birthday ads are in display since today and will stay there till 4th of September

Compilation of (some) Jungkook birthday LEDs captured by Army phones in South Korea over past days!

Expanding Jungkook Global statue, he will be the first Korean artist to have 5 Maxi LED birthday Ads promoting him near the legendary Duomo Cathedral at Milano most iconic area โ€˜Duomo Diโ€™ Italy. Jungkook shinning charisma’ll be showcased to fans and locals up to 900 times on Sep1

Jungkook will be Korea first ever artist to have a promo event at Haeundae touristic zone โ€˜Blueline Parkโ€™ in Busan. Taking over it’s major attraction โ€˜Haeundae Beach Trainโ€™, his birthday promo will cover all available stations & trains that take people in round trips on the beach. Hope you know those aren’t regular trains, they are top tier Romantic and touristic transportations that have special seats facing the window and travel at slow speed where the blue seas and open skies greet travelers. It’s one of South Korea main attractions, now.

Jungkook to have one more billboard promoting him at the heart of world’s entertainment industry major center โ€˜Times Squareโ€™, New York, United States. Birthday Ad will play on 1 Sep for 12 Hours. This is 2nd project in TS n 3rd event overall in NY city. More to be announced!!

Jungkook to be advertised with a mega crossroad Screen at the building faรงade of Galleria Corporate Center, Manila, Philippines’s capital city. The ad will play for 10 seconds every 5 minute loop on September 1. The LED Videoboard is situated at the building facade of the Galleria Corporate Center, providing a high visibility, with an average daily vehicle traffic of 654,038. It’ll play for 10 seconds in every 5 minute loop on Sep 1, 2021.

Yongsan-gu Office has authorized installing special designed bulletin banners on 6 locations near the HYBE building in Seoul, South Korea to notify Korean people about Jungkook birthday. Really Korea’s Pride! Project by ยฉblume0901.

Jungkook to be the first Idol to ever have a promotional event in the world most beautiful avenue Champs-ร‰lysรฉes, Paris, France. On 1st Sep, a Jungkook birthday ad’ll be in display 780 times in a 3 sided) panoramic Digital LED screen showcasing his charm to Locals & fans.

Jungkook will be the very first korean artist in the world to have a Led Billboard birthday Ad at โ€˜Festive Walkโ€™ lifestyle mall in the Iloilo City, one of the largest shopping malls in Phillipines. Festive Walk Parade is considered to be definitely Iloilo City’s most modern area.

Jungkook is (so far) reported to be promoted in (4) of South Korea’s Major Transportations: Subway System nationwide, Korea Express buses nationwide, Korea Train eXpress nationwide, and the largest cruise ship in Seoul’s Han River.

Jungkook’ll have the biggest cruise ship on the Han River Seoul, Korea themed for him for entire 24h In addition to a custom made illumination show only for him, exhibition, themed cafe & restraurant traveling. 1st Artist to enjoy such huge permission. Thanks to @jungkook__china

Jungkook will achieve legendary record in the history of subway advertising, with promotion up to 14,014 LED screens at the same time providing full coverage across all South Korea subway system. His bday greetings’ll travel to every corner of the country. The largest scale ever

Jungkook to be advertised in magazines of Korea Train Express known as KTX. Total of 100K copies to be distrubed to travelers across all South Korea railways routes during an entire month, 29 Aug to 29 Sep.

Celebrating Jungkook’s 25th birthday, Total of 50,000 copies of Jungkook’s special themed magazines will be distributed on September, covering every seat of more than 1,500 express buses across all South Korea with a total distribution of over 50K copies to Everyone!

Jungkook Chinese fanbase to provide an exclusive Wonderland that covers over 500mยฒ designed especially for jungkook! By a famous floral arrangement company. Fans’ll be able to enjoy an unforgettable Jungkook’s themed forest adventure. In JK birthday even fantasy becomes real! There is Tea party, multi media space and more inside! This unparalleled exhibition will be open for two days.

For Jungkook’s birthday, Jungkook Japanese fanbase, will officially donate under his name total of 450,000 JPY to protect, educate & treat young girls who are forced to work for trafficking. Money’ll go to certified non-profit organization in Tokyo, in hope many girls’ll be saved

In honor of his upcoming birthday, a new Plant sanctuary will open on Phillipines but under jungkook’s name where 60 trees of ‘Mangrove’ will be planted there. Those trees’ll also provide sources of income and safety to rural communities around. Dual purpose! What is a Plant Sanctuary? Sanctuaries’re areas set aside to maintain functioning natural ecosystems & to protect plants under threat. Mangroves trees’re considered to be so vital and they play many roles in supporting the health of our planet. “In cooperation with Planet CORA, the community will plant, nurture and grow the mangroves and we will continue to add more every year. The area will be named as ‘Jungkook Mangrove Sanctuary'” _ Golden Alliance PH

Jungkook will still take over the bus stop in front of HYBE building as new birthday ads will be placed there starting from 19 Aug and will stay there till 18 Sep, an entire month promotion. ~ Note that jungkook also took over HYBE Taxi shelter, bus center & subways near company.

Jungkook will be promoted with a Commercial film on SBS MTV, a South Korean television channel. ‘CF’ is a term used in Korea which means paid TV advertisement, it conveys a message promoting. In jungkook case its about his birthday. Ad’ll start 15th Aug & run for an entire month

Jungkook to be supported with multiple birthday DID advertisements on Sinyongsan Station, Seoul subway line 4, project by ยฉJK_Limerence. Note that Jungkook has similar project in same station by ยฉyouthJK_97. The 2nd pic is an example of how DID ad look like (ยฉgoldenfilm_jk)

Jungkook to have one more full page birthday advertisement but this time on โ€˜Sports Seoulโ€™ newspaper. You can get your copy nationwide across South Korea subway stations and convenience stores, on Wednesday 1 Sep. ^^

Jungkook to have 3 upcoming Cafe events in Iloilo City, Philippines. Two solo events : First is Rockstar themed and second is Summer themed! as for 3rd it is a collab with RM’s fb.

In 12th Aug, Jungkook will receive a full-page ad in ‘The Daily Sports’ entertainment newspaper which is a subsidiary of the JoongAng Ilbo, one of the 3 major newspapers in South Korea. Ad’ll showcase Jungkook solo acheivements, U can get your copy nationwide accross all country.

Jungkook to be advertised on the rapid transit station Apgujeong Station, Line 3, located on Apgujeong-dong, one of the wealthiest ($) neighborhoods in South Korea. The station has connections to 15 Seoul public transit buses. It will run for an entire month starting from 20 Aug

Jungkook birthday ad from Busan’s Seomyeon station. It will stay there till 9 September!

Jungkook ‘ll be advertised w 2 more subway birthday ads in Seoul: Hapjeong Station at the southern end of Hongdae area, aka center of urban arts & indie music culture of city, 2nd is Gangnam-gu Office station. Extending his record as celebrity w most subway ads in a single year

On 1st Sep, Jungkook will receive 4 LED Screens on Gangnam Station ‘City Tour Bus’ Shelters (stops), Seoul, South Korea.

For Jungkook birthday, this year! The star at the Right Ascension 13.523 & Declination -05.54 amidst the constellation Virgo! Is now named โ€˜ Jeon Jungkook โ€™. The name is permanently filled in the Registry vault and copyrights with star register. (Jungkook zodiac sign is Virgo)

Jungkook to be promoted all over world global city โ€˜ London,โ€™ England, United Kingdom. With birthday avertissements disaplaying in 24 large LEDs, and covering major locations city-wide. World first artist to do so!

Jungkook to have special birthday illumination on the the tallest seaside tower In Japan, โ€˜Fukuoka Tower.โ€™ โ€“ 1 Sep 19:45~19:55

Switching to Japan but this time to Himeji city, Jungkook will receive multiple digital advertisements promoting his birthday in 9 diff spots of the city shopping moll โ€˜ GRAND FESTA.โ€™ Project will run on 1st of September from 7 am to 22 pm. This center is known for its tasty food

Jungkook is so far announced to be advertised in total of 4053 convenience stores in South Korea, in two of the dominant brands in the country GS-25 & 7-11. Convenience stores can be found almost everywhere in Korea, The vibrant glow of their neon signs lights up every street In Seoul, most of the large apartment buildings have one of these stores & in busier neighbourhoods such as Itaewon, these stores are sometimes clustered together so tightly. Itโ€™s not uncommon to find 2 stores from the same chain staring each other down from across the street.

For his birthday, jungkook will be taking over 1053 shops of the global convenience store chain ‘7-Eleven’ across all Korea! Total of 1600 DID led screens ads’ll be in display 24/7 from 18th Aug till 4th of Sep. 7-Eleven is the world biggest convenience stores brand of all time!

Jungkook will be mass promoted with LED posters in 3000 stores of ‘GS25’ across all Korea. Every Led has frequency up to over 600 times a day & all LEDs ‘ll run at same time from 29 Aug to 3 Sep covering the whole country! GS25 is leading South Korean chain of convenience stores.

Jungkook to receive 9 mega LED screens on Seoul major subway stations as prize for ranking 1st on one of the Korean birthday polls (September’s SARANG event).

For Jungkook birthday, user ยฉlQxe93 alone will be helding 17 Jungkook’s themed cafe events in diff areas across all Korea. With gifts to be given and more than 4000 cup holders to be shared. Visitors should adhere by quarantine rules of each cafe & wearing a mask is mandatory.

Jungkook to be promoted at the of heart of Times Square, New York, United States. A 30 second ad will be running on one of the highest resolution displays on the area, 17ftยฒ screen, for 24 times everyday starting from 30th August to 5th September.

Shifting to the southern half of South America, BTS’s argentine fanbase will be announcing Jungkook 25th birthday in national historic monument of Argentina ‘the Obelisco’. This special of it’s kind project will be held on 1 September.

Extending support projects to Europe, BTS spanish fanbase will be advertising Jungkook with a Subway ad in Plaรงa de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. (Line 3) the birthday ad will run from 31 August till 9 September. There will be two more events including a Jungkook Cupholder event for Spanish fam living there and are interested. (Support)

On 30th, 31th July & 1 Aug, Jungkook’ll have an entire themed Road for himself w around 50 purple lamp banners ads that will say: โ€œHappy birthday Jungkook, thank you Jungkook’s parents.โ€ from Sinyongsan station to HYBE office! As opening for his birthday celebration season

ยฉByMySide_kookv fansite announced that they have total of 30 birthday events for Jungkook, this year. Projects’re mixture of online and offline activities, which will cover 5 countries: South Korea, China, United States, Japan and Thailand. 5 have been announced, 25 more to come!

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