BTS ARMY Demands Billboard Apologize To BTS For Their Sub standard Interview Of BTS On Their Latest Cover

“It is always the same disrespect, the same disregard, the same trying to explain away their success, the same blatant racism when it comes to BTS. When it comes to BTS’ success the industry is always up in arms trying to find excuses about why they are so popular, why are they breaking records, why are they outselling other western artists. The answer is simple BTS works harder and ARMY works harder for them.

BTS fans have been accused of so many evils that one has to wonder, why is the industry so fearful of individuals who just love BTS’ MUSIC and will do anything to see them succeed because they have watched the members be mistreated and know that they deserve the world.

The article talks about chart manipulation and mass buying going as far ahead as quoting twitter users, I mean honestly for a magazine with high reputation, why would you quote claims from non professionals, mere twitter users who just have claims with no proof of what they are claiming. ARMY love BTS music, music is made to be purchased, what do they expect, BTS to make music and the CDs and downloads stay in their vaults?

Let’s be realistic, this is just plain ignorance, xenophobia, and hatred and bile buildup, do people realize that BTS fans are GLOBAL! their last online concert was watched by 191 countries/regions and the world had 195 countries, that means the entire world knows of BTS’ existense and have listenes to BTS’ music. One thing for sure, no one will buy music that they do no like, so however ARMY chooses to spend their cash is their owm prerogative! This narrative of chart manipulation is growing old, haters need to find something else to hate BTS on.

BTS ARMY is a movement! Denying that they exist is intentional ignorance by now

People tend to forget that no matter what negative opinion they have of BTS, BTS will continue to dominate and conquer the world, reach new heights, attain new records, set new records, break reacords, break their own records, break historical records, be the best at everything they do. BTS will forever remain BTS, and ARMY will forever remain BTS’ favorite person, thats a guarantee.

It’s sad that it has come to this
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