Pentatonix’s Incredible Mashup Of BTS’ Hit Songs “Dynamite” and “Butter” Will Give You Goosebumps

“An Acapella mashup of BTS’ “Butter” and “Dynamite” is exactly what you need right now. There are always so many covers whenever an artist releases a song, whether it be covers by fellow artists or fans or the regular person, covers give people the chance to give the original song unique twists and flavour. I believe artists appreciate and love it when their songs are covered by various individuals. BTS certaily appreciate as they watched fans cover their different songs and were impressed JungKook even said he would go to one of the people’s concert if they ever had one!

Pentatonix did a mashup of BTS’ hit singles “Butter” and “Dynamite” and it was incredible. It actually gave me goosebumps listening to how good it was. Any song done in Acapella adds some unique texture and flavour. There’s is just something satisfying about listening to a song without instruments because the words somehow hit different. I love this mashup because it gives you the chance to appreciate each song individually and when the two are put together, just magic! A beautiful symphony

Pentatonix (abbreviated PTX) is an American a cappella group from Arlington, Texas, consisting of vocalists Scott Hoying (baritone), Mitch Grassi (tenor), Kirstin Maldonado (alto), Kevin Olusola (vocal percussion), and Matt Sallee (bass).

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