Celebrate BTS’ “In The Soop” Episodes’ One Year Anniversary With These Unforgettable Moments

“BTS In The Soop (Indeosup BTSpyeon) translating to “BTS in the Forest”) celebrated its first year anniversary. The eight hour-long episodes aired weekly on JTBC from August 19 to October 7, 2020. The program followed BTS over seven days of vacation at the private guesthouse Lake 192 on Lake Chuncheon, during which they indulge in different pastimes and activities such as cooking, fishing, painting, woodwork, table tennis, among other activities like singing and sleeping. BTS also who wrote and sang the theme song, entitled In the Soop during their stay at the facility

The episodes were each named

  1. Seollaeneun cheot julbal (설레는 첫 출발?; The first start to beat)
  2. Geudeur-ui ja-yusigan (그들의 자유시간?; Their free time)
  3. Bi oneun nar-ui gi-eok (비 오는 날의 기억?; Memories of a rainy day)
  4. Jamsiman annyeong (잠시만 안녕?; Goodbye for now)
  5. Dasi tteonaneun sup (다시 떠나는 숲?; Return to the forest)
  6. From gach-i tto ttaro (다 같이 또 따로?; Together and alone)
  7. Geudeur-ui yori dojeon-gi (그들의 요리 도전기?; Their culinary challenge)
  8. Dasi ilsang-euro (다시 일상으로?; Return to everyday life)

As ARMY celebrates the one year anniversary, here are our favorite memories from the show as we hope that there will be season 2

JungKook painting moments

Our favorite Yonnjin moments

Yoongi in the soop

JungKook and Namjoon painting

Jimin in the soop

V and j-hope painting

Favorite Jungkook moment

Jin hitting the punching bag every morning

Jung Kook’s intense beautiful vocals and adlibs

Hobi and V’s dates

Jung Kook with animals

Jung Kook’s “did you see my bag” moment

Producer Yoongi in the soop

Hobi and JungKook in the soop

Taekook in the soop

Jimin’s sleepy song about being woken up by Hobi

This Taekook moment

Namjoon in the soop

BTS coming up with the in the soop intro

V serenading Namjoon

Making of the in the soop theme song

Jikook moments

JungKook’s abs as punching bag

Cooking sessions

V singing Blue and Grey which ended in their new album “BE”

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