20 + Hilarious ARMY Tweets About How Baby ARMYs Searched BTS’ Songs That Are Completely Relatable

“Journey to becoming a BTS ARMY” if it was a book, it would have many chapters that usually start with searching BTS’ songs. Since the songs are Korean, the lyrics are usually heard in different ways. When one is just getting into BTS, getting each member’s name is the first huddle, since pegging that knowledge on hair color is misleading, their vast discography has a billion concepts that come with a billion hair colors!

So before getting their names and personalities, one will start listening to the music, which most of the time you only hear certain parts either by default, someone already a fan is trying to get you into the fandom and one particular part sticks to your head and that is all that you remember or there’s someone playing the song somewhere and you happen to catch some part of the song.

Someone searched BTS’ “HOME” as micasa bts

The challenge comes when you are alone and want to listen to that song again, you do not know the tittle but maybe the chorus or the beginning or the end, so you trust google to autocomplete what you think the song might be. In few cases, the words you write may bring the song you are searching for. Other times, you won’t find it so you decide to go through BTS’ entire discography, by the time you are halfway, you are officially ARMY.

Someone searched BTS “ON” as “bts oh na na na song

Here are some relatable tweets about searching BTS’ songs while still Baby ARMY. I am with the “Blood Sweat and tears searching “money money money” It all started with this one tweet below,

People searching for Dionysus as “bts macha macha song” reminds me of the time i searched for Blood sweat and tears as “bts money money money” OUTROEGO

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