‘Bratz’ Is A BTS Jin’s Lips Enthusiast & ARMY Can Relate Because It’s 100% Factual Truth Confirmed

“Worldwide Handsome You Know?” If you are not acquainted with this phrase then you are probably living under a rock! All jokes aside, BTS’ Jin is the Visual King in BTS, the whole world knows it, he knows is, everyone knows it. His outstandingly beautiful visuals have been an object of study, comparisons of his beauty and Greek gods sculptures have been made, he has gone viral for his amazing looks “third guy from the left” and even BTS know and have recently called him the most handsome in BTS.

Bratz is an American product line of fashion dolls and merchandise manufactured by MGA Entertainment and created by Carter Bryant.

All of BTS Jin’s visuals are 100% beauty defined, remarkably stunning, but the one thing that we love the most are his lips. Maybe he knows it or maybe he doesn’t but we love them even more when he pouts or blows ARMY kisses that even his fancers fell over when he blew them one of his famous kisses!

A study or survey even concluded that BTS’ Jin has the most desirable lips according to plastic surgeons. 100% true statement

So who agrees or who agrees that Jin’s lips and his whole visual is perfection?

Our sweetest, most genuine, kindest, naturally funny, talented BTS vocal has the best lips, no one can deny that and we love that he chose ARMY as his earth since he is our moon

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