American Musician Songwriter, & Record Producer “blackbear” Reacted To BTS’ Jung Kook Covering His Song Live

“Jung Kook served ARMY with a 1 hour plus mini concert that included covers for other artists, his own solo songs and BTS’ songs. It was a mini request hour for the mini vocalist of the world’s greatest band, BTS. Fans are always excited when the youngest member of BTS does covers of other songs and especially because they get the chance to hear from him outside performances or in a music video. Since he is a rare occurrence on the social media platforms, his popping by moments are always treasured. Among one of the celebrities who reacted to his singing was “blackbear” who retweeted a clip of Jung Kook singing his song, “smile again

blackbear had first tweeted, “i love u jungkook” with a heart with a plaster emoji, then retweeted a fan’s tweet of the singer covering his song

blackbear“, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has released five studio albums, six EPs, one mixtape and two collaborative albums. Musto is also a member of the alternative hip hop/R&B duo Mansionz with singer-songwriter Mike Posner.

The tweet of Jung Kook singing “smile again” by blackbear

It seems Jung Kook has alwasy been a fan of “blackbear” he blackbear’s song “do re mi” in his Spotify playlist back in 2017

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