“ARMY SELCA DAY” is a monthly event tha occurs every first Tuesday of a new month. It is a day for BTS’ ARMY to be creative with their Selcas (Selfies) because they are taking them next to their favorite idol.

#ARMYSELCADAY and #ASRD usually trends at the top worldwide as ARMYs share their favourite looks, poses, dress styles and locations that are similar or almost look alike to thaof their favorite member.

Today we feature male ARMY Selcas because it is Females who often feature in these selcas. BTS have surpassed the streotypical assumption that boybands only have screaming teenage girls who are loud and crazy. From the beginning they have proved that ARMY is a multifaceted, age defying, non demographic specific or gender leaning entity. ARMY is made up of individuals from all walks of life, religion, race, age, color, gender identity, country, planets, if there is any other than earth, the fandom exceeds all professionals, from the janitor, to the teacher, office worker, lawyer, surgeon, nurse, baby sitter, you will find all careers imaginable under ARMY, and that is what makes Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook special!

We celebrate the male ARMY in BTS who are unafraid to say and show that they stan a male boyband! At the end of the day, BTS are men right? And having male fans is just as awesome as having female ones!

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