BTS’ Jimin Talks About What It Means To Become Better As An Artist, Why He Wants ARMY Closer & “Adulting”

“Jimin has always said that he wants to be someone who is always loved and ARMY loves him to bits because of his good heart, comforting messages and eternal care and love he has for ARMYs. He is an artist who loves to dance and loves that he is always improving and getting better at his craft. Having learnt dance from an early age, Jimin dances with such fluidity that he is mesmerizing to watch every single time he hits the stage. He dances by breathing the song in to his consciousness and emanating the rhythm feeling it to the core that as an audience you feel like you are on the stage with him.

Despite any challenges he has, the BTS vocalist has always made it a point to give his all and will not stop until it is as close to perfect as can be. He is meticulate and detailed and you can see how he is involved in every process of making the music, be it the choreography, song or music video, he is the hands on type of artist.

Jimin had a sit down for their “BTS Butter album release interview” and this is what he had on his mind…

In “ARMY Corner Store,” you said you want BTS to become even better. As someone for whom work is so important, what does it mean to you to become better?

Jimin: I think ARMY can see all this, too. If we put a certain emotion into our performance, and I exhibit a genuine reflection of myself, then they can sense that to some degree, if not totally, I think. It’s a fact that I hope our concerts will be as big as the ones we’ve done before, but even more than that, when someone becomes more mature and grows up, I think our performances and songs would grow up along with us to match, and how we’re reflecting in them could change as well. When that happens, we anticipate something will bring us closer to ARMY, and we’re really looking forward to the performances we’ll be able to show you then. I think it’s going to be a really good concert. I’m waiting for that day.

When you say “become better,” that could mean something that you make with ARMY, too.

Jimin: Right. I think it’s changing little by little, for real. We used to be like, This is how we feel, this is what our songs are like, this is what we’re performing. But as the scale of our concerts grew and we started playing stadiums, I think we started asking, What do all of you think? We can’t really talk in depth about what’s happening in the lives of each person at our concerts, but I think we’re still looking into each other’s eyes and conversing, even while we’re shouting at each other. Wouldn’t the  day come when we can share each other’s feelings more and more, and we can freely tell them that a performance is what you and I, we do together?

You’ve tried so hard. How did you feel after letting go of all those feelings?

Jimin: I felt like I was becoming empty sometimes, at first. I felt like I was denying my own thoughts and beliefs. But I talked a lot with my parents, and I said, Did you know I was going through all that? And they said, We didn’t know what you were going through, but we knew it was something. So finally I shared what I was feeling with them, and my mom and dad talked to me like they were my life coaches. After coming out of that whole period, even when I do similar things, I can tell my mind has changed a lot. If I was more focused on my surroundings before, now I’m able to focus on myself as well. My mom told me it means I’m growing up, and that I’m finally becoming an adult. So I said, I don’t wanna be an adult—it’s too hard. (laughs)

It seems like you ended up doing a lot of self-reflection during the pandemic.

Jimin: Last year I saw how lots of people were having a rough time and how there was a big social crisis, but as time dragged on I started to feel like I was trapped. But it was mostly okay when I was working.

When you performed “Daechwita” at BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO, the part you did was, as it happens, “Remember, remember days gone by remember.” Maybe it was a coincidence, but now that BTS, the team who debuted with “No More Dream,” currently sits at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, I’m wondering how you feel about the days gone by.

Jimin: I only realized it recently, but I used to be really unstable. I was acting like I was well-grounded when I was around other people, like my family and friends. It meant I had to pretend a lot. I worried about others by saying things like, I’m fine, but how are you? I spoke like I could always take care of anything that came up, but looking back, that wasn’t the case.

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