BTS’ Jung Kook Confirms His Eyebrow Piercing is Real! ARMY Just Barely Surviving..

“It’s real! This is not a drill, its real! The debate is finally over! BTS’ Jung Kook confirmed that his eye brow piercing is real and ARMY is not okay! It has been a long time coming and fans have been crying, well, not literally but they have been waiting to hear from the source if what they have been obsessing over and loving is actually true! Jung Kook had an impromptu VLive session where he was taking song requests and answering fans questions.

One fan asked… we are so lucky he saw it because of how fast the comments section usually runs by, the fan asked Jung Kook whether his eyebrow piercing was real or not.

BTS Jung Kook during his VLive

And he answered saying,

My eyebrow? Yes I got it pierced because putting on the sticker got annoying so I just got it pierced”

And there you have it! No more guesing and putting out theories on whether it is real or not! “Team Piercing is real” are happy and satisfied!

It was an awesome VLive. Our baby came home and gave a mini concert and we are happy and, his eyebrow piercing is real!

And he added another tatoo!?!?

We are proud of him for coming this far, him getting comfortable in his skin. There was a time he did not go online like be on VLive or post on Twitter or Weverse because of the harsh criticism he got for anything he did, literally anything he did. People need to realize that Jung Kook has freedom to do to his body as he wishes, he is a grown man fully aware of his celebrity status which he values and respects.

Life is about living to the max and his reason for finally getting the eyebrow piercing is the perfect vibe and mood! We will always suppport him in everything he does and chooses to do, whether musically as an artist or a human being as Jeon Jung Kook

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