A 40 Year Old’s Letter Of How BTS Performing “I’ll Be Missing You” Has Greatly Impacted Her Life & Her Family

“About to hit my 40 years’ existence. And this cover encapsulates my entire life. Growing up listening to The Police as it’s my father’s favorite band. “Every Breath You Take” is my ABC. As I grow up and been introduced to different music genre I then fall in love with Hiphop. It was my 5th Grade when I first heard about Tupac (when he died) that’s how I was introduced to Notorious B.I.G. months before when he got the same faith of what was done to Tupac. Then same year “I’ll be missing you” was released. Been a favorite song since.

BTS “I’ll Be Missing You,” during BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge.

When my Mother died my father keeps playing “Every Breath You Take” since that’s his song for my Mother. He either will listen to that or this song. Before my work started I have my phone volume up listening to the BBC broadcast and this played while my 78 years old father sat down and wiped his tears. Looked at me and said “that kids can really move mountains and touch your soul” I can’t stoped crying knowing how this song means a lot to us as a family. This cover expressed my family’s entire emotions. As this is a very important song and the messaged the BTS conveys hit harder than I thought it will to us. Thank you for making my dad smile even in tears for I know listening to this brings back all the happy memories he had with my Mother.

Edit: this song I dedicate to my loving Mother who we miss so much. Ma!!! Papa me and Gae miss you so much.

Add: Hello BTS ARMY. Thank you for the love. I end up seeing this comment on Twitter as it was sent by my sister. Wow. I can’t say I am an ARMY like all of you but I’ve known BTS for quite a while. I’ve been following them and their music too. They are bunch of great musicians. I’ve seen them everywhere. I end up listening to them on this because it says on BBC their next so I listened and didn’t expected they will do this cover (that’s when my Papa heard this) I know BBC upload on YT that’s why I searched for it to listed all over again.

To some who might be correcting me on the song title that The Police Song “Every Breath You Take” is Different from “I’ll Be Missing you”, yes I do know that. My Dad is a big Police fan and I grew up with “Every Breath You Take” (released 1983 when my parents started dating). I think I memorized that song first before any nursery rhyme, that I know every note of it. That’s why when I’ve been a fan of Notorious B.I.G and when he died and Puff Daddy used The Police song for “I’ll Be Missing You” based as a sample. (Since I am a Notorious B.I.G fan) I have fallen in love on “I’ll Be Missing You” twice as hard, even during that time Sting filed a case for they did not give permission for their song to be used for this, the Police even said they didn’t know their song will be used and they wind up knowing about this when it’s being played on the radio. I am not sure if it was Sting or Andy who said that. It was a battle for the royalty of this song. (Sting got 100% by the way) And When my Mother died 2013 this was the song that helped me pull it though (I’ll be missing you) and since “Every Breath You Take” is my parents theme song and this is my go to song when I was at my lowest, when we heard this version it brings back all the memories of me growing up and of my Parents dating years for my Papa, down to the day we lost her. Since it’s unexpected the emotions it brought to us is massive. And BTS gave justice to the song. I don’t know the translation of the Korean parts but the first part of the rap hits hard. (I’ll try to search the lyrics)

Thank you for the love again. And for the good words. Much appreciated.” _Just a Mom

This is a comment under BTS’ performance of “I’ll Be Missing You” during their BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge posted on YouTube


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