BTS’ Jung Kook Speaks On Why He Will Not Be Softer On Himself Still, Why ARMY Is The Main Characters & “Billie Eilish”

“He’s Never gonna stop! That is the message that Jung Kook is giving in their latest “BTS Butter album release interview” I love it when BTS have a sit down interview where we can get their candid thoughts about life, music, and everything in between. Sit down interviews are great because there is no time limit or if there is, its longer than regular interviews. During these moments we get to listen to the artist pour out their emotions and feelings and even reveal things they would have otherwise not revealed on a timed interview. Every time Jung Kook is given the chance to talk about himself, music, BTS, he always goes deeper than what you would have thought he would. He is very articulate, well spoken and chooses his words carefully to ensure the real meaning is not misinterpreted.

Jung Kook’s impressive level of perseverance, his strong work ethic that shows with every performance and even the way he carries himself in his daily life translates to everything else including his mindset towards his beloved ARMY. His thoughts towards his fellow members in BTS show the sincerity and admiration he has of them plus his feelings towards the goals he has set for himself make him a grounded individual who values his singing, his persona, his career, his future and his fans.

Jung Kook had a sit down for their “BTS Butter album release interview” and this is what he had on his mind…

Jung Kook/Weverse Magazine

What image do you want people to have of you, as an artist? One that says, This is who I am as an artist right now.

Jung Kook: “I don’t think I’m at the level where I need to worry about that yet. I have a general idea about what kind of singer I want to be and what I want to be really good at, but I don’t think I’ve ever imagined defining myself as a certain type of singer yet. Because it’s an ongoing process, when I can prove myself, then, bam!—I give proof and become a truly influential person, only then can I go around saying, This is the kind of singer I am. For now, I don’t have anything, I guess you could say, “substantial” to show off. I think, Even if I’m part of BTS and tour stadiums, does that automatically make me better than other artists? And then, by thinking so, I center myself again.

Couldn’t you be a little softer on yourself?

Jung Kook: “No. I have to think about the future many times throughout the day. For example, sometimes I spend a whole day doing whatever, but whenever I do, I regret it severely. So I promise myself that I’ll get this and that done. That’s how I live, because if I don’t think that way, I won’t jump into action to get anything done. It’s like the title of our song, “Life Goes On”: the treadmill just keeps on going, and we’re on it, so I always think, I’d better not ever stop. I can express myself better if I think while I talk, and I can organize my thoughts while reflecting back on what I said. I try to think about everything in that way. I think I need to improve, whether it’s at singing or my hobbies—more than now, better than now.”

Jung Kook/Weverse Magazine

This influence is something you’ve crafted with your fandom, ARMY. I imagine you’ve been influenced not only by the other members but also by ARMY since you were young.

Jung Kook: “There’s a lot going on inside a concert venue: the lighting, the stage, the floor, the stage design, the video projected on the screen. Plus there’s the music, the dancing, and us. Even if they’re all in balance, ARMY has to be there to complete the scene. When it comes to our concerts, ARMY are the ones who bought the tickets and they’re the main characters. I think everything we focus on comes back down to ARMY. We share in each other’s feelings and they’re the source of our strength, and I think they have synergy with us. It’s not enough to just say ARMY and us like each other, or that we love each other. There’s definitely more to it than that. It’s, well—I don’t know. It’s hard to put into words. (laughs)”

I think you need ARMY to be there at the concert for you to fully realize the concert you’re aiming for.

Jung Kook: “Yes, exactly! Even if everything’s set up and we’re in front of the camera, if ARMY’s not there, it’s a completely different concert. Even when ARMY’s there and there’s a live camera broadcasting it, I’m like, There’s a camera? Sure. Obviously I care about it when I have to say hello to ARMY sitting on the other side, in front of their screens. Other than that, I get all my energy from all the ARMY sitting right in front of me. That’s how much they mean to me. It’s completely different.”

Jung Kook/Weverse Magazine

How’s your mixtape going?

Jung Kook: “I was working on it just before I came. But it’s hard! (laughs) I could just make it about myself, and then it would be like, I started as a trainee when I was 13, I worked hard, and found success. But anyone could do that. So I keep thinking I want to make up my own original, complex story and write the songs from there. Billie Eilish’s debut album left a big mark on me when it came out, in that respect. And it’d be nice to have a cohesive flow to the tracklist, but even if it’s all jumbled up, that’s fine, too, as long the good songs keep on coming. That’s sort of what I’m thinking. So these days, rather than focusing on the album’s story as a whole, I’m just going to write whatever it is I want to say in each song. If I get that feeling right after listening to a track, I’ll try and make it. And I’m going to try to make it a little bit light-hearted.”

Jung Kook jamming to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”

Read the full interview and more on the Weverse Magazine issue.

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