BTS Talks “Dynamite,” “Butter,” “Permission to Dance” What The Songs Mean, ARMY & Future Hopes for The Next Chapter After This Era

BTS appeared on SBS 8 PM News and talked about their thoughts and feelings about their recent achievement on the Billboard Hot 100, they share their gratitude to their fans (ARMY), their appointment by the South Korean President and also discussed their future activities in terms of personal lives and as BTS. BTS talked with anchor Kim Yongtae and expressed their immense gratitude to the fans and talked about the different aspects of what their achievements mean to them.

Dynamite,” “Butter,” and “Permission to Dance,” BTS’ first ever full English songs have hit charts, broken records and showed BTS’ ability to success in any genre or language that they chose to sing in. The songs have brought them recognition, to those who did not already know BTS or were just unaware of their massive impact.

Dynamite” gave BTS their first No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100, first Grammy nomination and solo performance, 1 billion YouTube views and 1 billion Spotify streams, both in less than a year among a myriad of achievements

Butter” gave BTS their first 7 week consecutive No. 1s on Billboard Hot 100, biggest Spotify first day debut, among other great achievements

Permission to Dance” still new, debuted at No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 and has led to BTS being named “Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture” by the South Korean President and it will continue to break several records in the coming weeks.

With all these achievements, BTS still remains humble and are still awed by the success of the songs they work hard to share with the world and are always grateful to ARMY that has stood with them from the beginning without waning.

Here are snippets of their interview, Translated by,

on whether they’ve received the plaque for 1B Dynamite steams on Spotify We haven’t received it yet.

Jin: “I learned the news on the Internet and saw that many who’ve already received one would put food in the dish-shaped plaque. I thought about whether I should put Kimchi-jjigae in it. Assuming that it can be washed properly, we’ll put some delicious food in it and eat it as well.”

on communicating with fans on Weverse

V: “I feel like I don’t want to keep my distance. I talk to them and communicate with them thinking they are my close friends. ARMYs sometimes would leave letters on Weverse on things they may not feel comfortable sharing with others or their daily lives. Reading those, I became to think that there’s no reason for me to hold back when ARMYs share with us so many things. So, after reading many of those letters, I also started sharing my daily lives and my own, honest thoughts without hesitation.

on Jeon Jungkook’s dreams, not as Jungkook of BTS

Jung Kook: “I’m someone who has many things he wants to do. But I just like what I do now so much that, other than my goals or dreams as a singer, I don’t think I have anything personal in particular. I’m just very happy now I want to see ARMYs soon, I want to do concerts soon, and those would be my dreams now.”

on sign language in the choreography and PTD challenge

j-hope: “We incorporated the international sign language into the choreography and showed it in our music as well as in live performances; it was because we wanted to share positive energy, comfort, and hope with more people around the world. We started the PTD challenge in hope of seeing a lot of people around the globe dance joyfully together. There’s this energy we gain energy by performing, interacting with fans, and sharing feelings with the audience. The extended period of pandemic made us thirsty for that energy. Through this challenge, we wanted to quench our thirst and give positive energy and hope by enjoying [the music] together.”

on his full bow and the pressure/responsibility they may feel

Jimin: “I was so thankful and couldn’t believe what was happening. I became to think that we’re receiving such unconditional support and great love. Even though we’re in these harsh circumstances, we are so happy. But we won’t know how happy each and every individual fan would feel. That made me hope that they are happy. More than anything, more than the thought that we have to achieve something [next time] — we just don’t know in what ways we can pay back to our fans, and sometimes that’s upsetting. It’s because there are fans and audience we exist, but the circumstance doesn’t allow us to fulfill [their wants]. And I feel like it’s also not that we’re expressing our gratitude enough, which makes my heart heavy.”

on the use of words like “medicine” and “permission” in the lyrics

RM: “The team that is BTS is a team that lives in the present. We’re a team that has been growing by focusing on the things we have now and the emotions we feel now. From Dynamite, Butter, Life Goes On, to Permission to Dance, it all had to be something that we felt at those moments. Lyrics like “I got the medicine” and “We don’t need permission to dance,” I think, also stemmed from our will and struggle to live through the present

on “when we fall we know how to land”

SUGA: “I’ve said many times that I’m afraid of falling but not of landing. The difference between those two is that you still have another chance to take off if you land. No matter how hopeless a situation may be, if we choose to land instead of falling, if we don’t give up, that means we are ready to fly again”

WATCH the full interview

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