Chirlane McCray Writer, Mental Health Advocate & First Lady of NYC Quoted Jimin’s Rolling Stone Interview On Becoming Stronger

BTS’ Jimin Rolling Stone

BTS’ Jimin has always been honest with his feelings, teaching the world that it is okay to allow yourself to embrace all those feelings, good or bad, there is power in taking them all in and breathing. Jimin has beautiful healing and comforting messages that are truly inspirational pointing to his humane empathetic nature. The BTS dancer, vocalist, composer and performer has this way of being completely relatable and in the same time be an amazing role model to individuals of all ages. He is always there to show that it’s okay to be yourself, it is human nature to have struggles, and that you can be your own light, he is truly an Angel!

That is why it is no surprise that Chirlane McCray, Writer, Mental Health Advocate and First Lady of NYC quoted Jimin’s section in his Rolling Stone magazine interview. The mental health advocate quoted Jimin’s words that said,

“I realized that we’ve been telling people to really love themselves and telling them to be stronger. This year, I began to tell myself these things as well, and convincing myself that this is also something I need to keep in mind.

—Jimin, BTS”

Fans agree that Jimin is truly an inspiration and a role model to many

“Thank you for uplifting BTS’ music about mental health, listen to Epiphany, Love Yourself: Answer, and Zero O’clock. If you want empathic songs for the hard times, Blue and Grey as well as Reflection hit deep.”

“Thank you for highlighting BTS’ advocacy for mental health! Their lyrics, social awareness campaigns, and everyday messages inspire millions. For anyone wanting to hear more of their message, check out their latest #LoveMyself video with UNICEF”

“Jimin and the members have taught me hw to dig deeper to find a positive outlook on life. Thru their lifestyle example nd how they interact with others, they’ve shown me how to set strong healthy boundaries nd hw to take care of my mental nd physical self. BTS are the best role models.”

“Happy to be raising my teenage sons with BTS as role models and Jimin is the perfect example of positive work ethic, perseverance, sportsmanship, and compassion. You can hear it in all his work.”

Jimin’s words have always caught the attention of many high level officials, celebrities, other idols and even fans

A true epitome of comfort and wisdom that the whole world cannot help but admire and love, Park Jimin.

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