Big Hit Music Has Confirmed That There Are No Copyright Issues Regarding “Butter.” – ARMY TALKS

BTS’s agency has addressed copyright issues raised about “Butter.” Previously, it was brought up on online communities that a part of “Butter” has the same melody as a part of Luca Debonaire’s song “You Got Me Down” from 2020. Luca Debonaire shared via social media that he bought the topline in 2019 from Sebastian Garcia, who is also credited as a composer of “Butter.” This raised questions of potential copyright issues with the songwriter Sebastian Garcia having the same topline used in two separate songs.

Sebastian Garcia, credited as a composer of “Butter.”

In response, Big Hit Music released the following statement:

It has been confirmed that there are no copyright issues regarding “Butter.” It is a song that was finalized and released after undergoing a process of confirming with all songwriters that there are no issues with the song, and there are also no issues currently regarding the song’s rights. However, we are aware of the claim that there is an issue regarding copyrights, but even if that is the case, the musical rights still belong to “Butter.” BIGHIT MUSIC Source

BTS ARMY had opinions regarding the allegations and confirmation of the same

“and now those who started this mess gonna find another things to drag our boys all over again. Like for real, they don’t have any business ? Armys keep watching Mic Drop MV. It’s 4.8M away to reach 1B, we’re getting closer” miumeowww

“Sebastian is the og composer And Luca bought it from sebastian Antis said butter was made through plag1arizing luca* But sebastian is one of the composer of butter So , ppl accused sebastian of plagiar1sing his own song” Abyssofpeace

“just an old story who wants to ruin them bighit are always very strict when it comes to their copyrights. they always credited who should be credited when it comes to their songs.” bora_haetwt

“Like do they even think before accusing? Whole world is watching BTS little actions and they will do something like this… Haters need to level up! Bighit and boys better know what they r doing!..” RighelBTS

“now i just want to see those “armys” who sided with the accusers and had the whole “they should be held accountable” and “why cant they just be original” discourses without any solid evidences like even that jpn writer said that its a mere confidence but yall dont listen” vante_kook_

“Who in the wrong mind thought of copyright issues for a song by bts when they are known for looking for every minute details before giving out anything to the public???For how long has this issue been going on coz it’s been months after release& a new song has been out already???” wannaBfreelancr

“I see this issues going around few times but never bothered abt it bcs Bh im sure is very particular abt all this rights issues. They being accused so many times already.” iamU_Uarmy

“lol they keep coming for bts w all these plagiarism accusations when in fact a lot of groups plagiarized other songs that remain unpublicized” yooniehoneyboy

“Nothing to worry. This was just another failed attempt by the haters to tarnish their image buy they failed miserably” @iamOt7

“where was he when butter was released?? why complain after 2 months?? lmao he thought he can milk them for some money but sadly, failed” RM0N0KIVE

“Antis want cypher pt 5 that’s why they are doing it. Must be feeling empty for 5-6 years without it smh.” DeepanshikaG

“hahahhaha. haters really tried ruining it. sorry but do they really think a big company like bighit will use a random beat/melody and say “hey lets copy this, im sure no one will notice” sorry but no one can ruin bts and Bighit/Hybe artist” tine_jeonkookie

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