The “Wooden Artists Paint Palette Brooch” BTS V Wore And Sold Out in 2019 Is Still A ‘Best Seller’ & Still Sold Out This Year 2021

Kim Tae-hyung aka BTS’ V is a lover of art and he is the sold out King, combine that and you get a business that tells a story of being boosted by the “Sweet Night” vocalist wearing an art piece. It all started in June 10, 2019 when independent artist Kate Rowland got flooded with piles of unexpected orders from South Korea and japan for her “Wooden Artists Paint Palette Brooch”. Confused and amazed, she got on the internet to find out the reason of the sudden influx, and the reason was none other than BTS’s V who was seen wearing it at the airport while returning back to Korea multiple times.

The brooch was marked sold out every time it’s out for pre-order, even making it sell out completely within 12 mins and had so many sold out streaks after that without, this tremendously helped boost her business.

The Wooden Artists Paint Palette Brooch

She even took to Twitter to express her desire to personally thank V and express her gratitude and how he impacted her life and small business. BTS ARMYs quickly suggested that she write on Weverse to help her in her campaign to make V read her gratitude message.

Fast forward to 21st July 2021 and the “Wooden Artists Paint Palette Brooch” is still out of stock in one of the major online stores where it is a best seller, and the brooch is selling fast in her online store, with only 2 remaining at the time of writing this article.

BTS V’s influence is not a matter of one touch, it is influence that surpasses days, and even years.

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