South Korean President Moon Jae-in Appoints BTS As The “Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture”

BTS with South Korean President, Moon Jae-in in Paris, France 2018

BTS have been appointed as the “Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture” by S. Korean President Moon Jae-in today. They will be representing the nation in upcoming global forums, including the 75th UN General Assembly set for September. According to the South Korean Presidential Office, the recent appointment made with BTS is to “raise awareness on global agendas, such as sustainable development, to our future generations and to strengthen the nation’s diplomatic power across the world.”

Announcement from South Korea’s president
BTS at The United Nations in 2018 where RM gave a tremendous speech

This will be BTS’s third time attending the UN General Assembly. In 2018, BTS gave an address at the launch ceremony of UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited at the 73rd UN General Assembly, and they were invited to speak at the high level meeting of the Group of Friends of Solidarity for Global Health Security last September.

Noting BTS’ feat with “Permission to Dance,” Moon stressed the decision is more significant as the song’s message of hope, harmony among different races strike the chord with nation’s will to overcome the virus crisis through solidarity and cooperation with global society.

Presidential Office stated that, “We anticipate that BTS, who has been spreading message of hope and positive energy to fans around the world, will take a significant role in representing S. Korea as the Special Presidential Envoy in the COVID-19 period.” SOURCE

South Korean President, Moon Jae-in with BTS’ V and Jung Kook

Back in September 2020, South Korean President congratulated BTS for their very first NO. 1 on US Billboard Hot 100 Chart

BTS’ influence has led them to address the United Nations at their 73rd General Assembly and to perform before 400 officials including South Korean president Moon Jae-in at the 2018 Korea-France Friendship Concert in Paris, a summit meant to show the friendly relations between France and South Korea.

Moon Hee-sang, Speaker of the National Assembly, said that “BTS is doing most of our work,” attributing the results of his overseas trip to the credit of the global group on an overseas trip to promote “sales diplomacy”.

BTS receiving the Order of Cultural Merit in 2018

Despite cultural medals traditionally being given to recipients with more than 15 years of notable achievements, BTS became the youngest ever recipients honored with the Order of Cultural Merit by the President of South Korea in 2018 after five years after debuting, due to their noteworthy contributions in spreading Korean culture and language.

In October 2019, The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selected BTS as a recipient for a ‘Letter of Appreciation’, for showing the world the beauty of Korean traditional culture (Hangul, Hanbok, Gugak) through creative re-interpretations in their music.

In September 2019, president Moon Jae-in also mentioned BTS in his announcement for his ‘3 major innovation strategies for the contents industry’, stating that BTS has pioneered innovative business models that communicate directly with fans.

In 2019, members of BTS were invited to become members of the Recording Academy in honor of their contributions to music and as part of a push to help diversify Grammy Award voters.

In 2020, they were again honored as the youngest ever recipients (and only musician in the award’s history) to receive the James A. Van Fleet Award, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the promotion of U.S.-Korea relations.


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