“hobi selca” Currently Trending as ARMY Manifests a “What’s going on” Tweet or Selca From BTS’ j-hope After “Permission to Dance” Hot 100 #1

With every Hot 100 #1 on Billboard, j-hope always posts a Selca (selfie) the next day and the caption almost always reads “what’s happening..” so ARMY are anxiously waiting for the BTS rapper to post a Selca the next day. So far we have had reactions from RM, Jin, SUGA and Jimin, the rest must be sleeping or too excited in disbelief to show their reactions, meanwhile, “hobi selca” patiently being waited on

ARMY patiently waiting for the all famous “hobi selca

Hobi‘s what’s happening selca in morning huhu”

so we’re all waiting patiently for a Hobiselca???”

“What’s happening!?!?Hobi selca tomorrow morning”

“Manifesting a “wait what’s happening” hobi selca and “jungkook”

“Waiting for my hobi selca in the morning”

“currently waiting for a hobi selca that Hoseok probably has stored for us plus his cute way of writing with plenty of commas and cuteness :(“

“i know hobi getting his beauty sleep but i hope we get another “no…what’s happening” selca

“And now we wait for hobi selca with him figuring out what is happening”

“i always wake up late for that post but at least we have a cute hobiselca every tuesday”

“I am more excited about waking up with a Hobi selca before even sleeping”

“We are going to wake up to a hobi selca with a “what’s happening” post get ready ! hobi is having his beauty sleep rn”

“I love that Hobi tries to get lots of sleep. It’s one of my favorite things to do but don’t get enough of because of anxiety. Keep sleeping Hobi; we’ll patiently wait for your selca

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