BTS Congratulates American Singer & Songwriter Halsey on The Birth Of Her First Child

“Friendships” that last are our favorite types of stories, and we love when that story involves BTS. BTS and Halsey have that type of friendship that is rare to find, proving that language is never a detriment to friendships. BTS have collaborated with Halsey back in 2019 on the song “Boy With Luv,” and she has also collaborated with SUGA on the song “Suga’s Interlude” Halsey gave BTS friendship bracelets, while BTS gave the singer a customized microphone, friendship goals right there.

On July 19, BTS tweeted a message to Halsey as they congratulated her on giving birth to her first child.  The first thing BTS did was congratulate Halsey before retweeting the Billboard Charts they topped . It is incredible how they value and cherish bond they have between them and Halsey.

Instagram/Halsey with her baby Ender Ridley Aydin and boyfriend

BTS’ ARMYs are loving the friendship and would want to emulate such kind of friendship commenting on how the members are so considerate and adorable for congratulating Halsey first before posting their personal win

“Their morals and values, their touch of humanity & love is the reason why we love them like we do. They deserve everything this world has to offer!”

“Earned an achievement for their career and still remember to congratulate their friend, ugh love you buddies”

“why are you crying” Dynamite is about to reach 1B streams in less than a year, BTS has been #1 on BB Hot 100 for 2 months, and BTS got their #1 again on billboard but the first thing they did is to congratulate halsey for her baby boy”

“they just broke records yet the first thing they do is congratulate their friend halsey. they’re so pure & genuine and their friendship with halsey is so cute. i adore them so much and i’m so happy for BTS & halsey

istg i want a friendship like bts and halsey

BTS and Halsey

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