BTS V’s Fans To Honor His Upcoming 27th Birthday By Building A School Under His Name in China

We are only in the beginning of the second half of the year and yet projects for BTS’ vocalist V, have already began. It is safe to say that V’s Chinese fanbase is among the largest in the fandom because they usually have incredible, out of this world projects for the BTS member.

BTS’ V will be turning 27 this year (Korean age) and as such his large Chinese fan club CHINA BAIDU VBAR is embarking on a project that will benefit children giving them a better life and a way to look foward to the future.

As such together with “The China Youth Development Project” China Baidu VBar will for the second time build a primary school under the “Inner Child” star’s name.

China Youth Development is a non-profit public organization that aims at ensuring that children in rural communities in China have the opportunity to go to school.

Baidu V Bar in the name of all fans donates funds for the construction of a Taehyung Hope Primary School for the second time on May 25th 2021 through the renowned Hope Project by CYDF (China Youth Development) The New Hope Primary School will be located in Nagu Town, Huize City, Yunnan.” China V Bar

“We hold the vision for these kids to grow up safely and happily hoping they can receive better education, spend their childhood with hopes and dreams and eventually achieve themselves” China V Bar

The fanbase has already completed a approximately $71,500 donation and assured fans that the process of building the school will be transparent as they will continue to closely monitor the project that is expected to be completed before the end of the year 2021.

Last year BTS’ V became The First & Only Korean Artist to have a full Birthday Ad on Burj Khalifa, The World’s Tallest Building!

BTS V’ ad on Burj Khalifa

Building the primary school is just part 1 of Kim Tae-hyung’s birthday projects, we can only imagine what else the fanbase has in store.

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