BTS’ Jimin Makes a ‘Grand Bow’ To ARMYs in Gratitude for “Permission to Dance’s” Latest Achievement

Jimin, BTS’ main dancer composer and vocalist has always been a person who always shows his gratitude to fans, staff, members and even other artists, in various ways. Just like BTS who have always thanked ARMY for their achievements, records and rewards, Jimin took it to a whole new level when he shared on Weverse, his “Grand bow” to ARMY for his gratitude of “Permission to Dance” debuting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Bowing is the most humbling gesture that anyone can show and Jimin bowing in gratitude shows his respect for ARMY and he is showing his utmost vulnerable side, as he indicates that he has no words that can equal the emotions of gratitude he is feeling.

Jimin Weverse post

Jimin wrote on Weverse over a picture of him bowing, “Thank you again for your big love and supports from the bottom of my heart, I’ll live life to the full. Please be happy for us.”

BTS’ Jimin

So why is this bow so meaningful? this is what Koreans do when they show their deepest respects or appreciations. Also in Korea, for more important meetings (or people), the lower you bow, the more respect it shows (it also shows more respect if you hold the bow for a longer period). Hold your hands to the side or in front of you.

The most respectful bow is called keunjeol (큰절 – “big bow”). This is only used for the most formal occasions and to show the most respect. Koreans typically give their older family members a big bow (keunjeol) on Lunar New Years (설날 – seollal) and the Harvest Festival (추석 – Chuseok). It’s also used for jesa (제사), which is a traditional Korean ceremony that respects ancestors. Also, men will do this to their fiance’s parents when they ask for their hand in marriage. Sometimes instead of a big bow (keunjeol), Korean girls will give 작은절 (jakeunjeol), aka small bow. Source

Jimin is always comforting ARMY and ARMY love him back in response

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