BTS Placing “Hearing Aid” Emoji On Their Profile For “Permission to Dance” Gave Deaf ARMYs Reason To Celebrate Again

July is disability pride month where it honors each person’s uniqueness!! BTS have added the “hearing aid” emoji to their bio at @bts_bighit (BTS’ official Twitter profile) . After releasing their latest single “Permission to Dance” the world was excited that they incorporated international sign language to include those who have hearing disability. Through that, BTS are ensuring that their heartwarming music will reach everyone, give help and comfort wherever you are and whoever you are. A Hearing Aid is usually worn by a person with hearing loss. The style shown is Behind The Ear (BTE), but this can represent any form of hearing aid.

The hearing aid emoji on BTS’ official Twitter profile

Ear with Hearing Aid Emoji was approved as part of Unicode 12.0 in 2019 as part of #WorldEmojiDay

Motorized wheelchair users got emojis to iOS devices together with manual wheelchair users in 2019. The American Sign Language gesture for ‘deaf’ was a new emoji that came out in 2019. The latest accessibility options in the emoji set included a prosthetic arm, leg, people in two types of wheelchairs, people who are deaf, or using a cane.

BTS’ deaf ARMY reactions are wholesome and remind you that the South Korean band is always seeking for ways to heal the world and include those who are marginalized because of physical attributes or things that they have no control over.

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