American Rapper, Singer, & Record Producer Anderson Paak Updated His IG Story With Video of BTS’ V Mentioning Him During A Recent Interview

BTS have always been inspired by other artists and their music and they always show their love for that artist’s music by doing covers of their songs, letting the world know that they love those songs through Tweeting about them, revealing their favorite artists during interviews and the artists themselves are always excited to get a shout out from BTS. During a recent interview at Most Request Live, BTS were asked who are some of the artists that they listen to and V said “Anderson Paak”

Anderson Paak is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer who has collaborated with Bruno Mars on the song “Leave the Door Open” which has been very famous since it was released with dozens of covers.

After the American artist saw the interview or was made aware of it he updated his Instagram story with a video of BTS’ V mentioning him (Anderson Paak) as an artist he listens to recently.

Anderson Paak IG Story

BTS’ V singing the song “Leave the door open”

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