Moments That Might Have Been Teasers for Use of Sign Language in BTS’ “Permission to Dance”

BTS was praised for using both Korean (KSL) and international (ASL) sign language in the “Permission to Dance” choreography. In a recent VLive broadcast, BTS’ RM talked about adding sign language to their choreography after a fan asked how they ended up incorporating sign language in ‘Permission to Dance’

RM revealed that it suddenly came up when they were discussing ideas. After realizing that they had never used sign language in choreography before, the members together decided to give it a try. “I’m not sure. The idea came, and we realized that we had never considered it before, so we finally tried it,”

Here are some moments that might have been teasers for their use of sign language in their “Permission to Dance” music video

BTS had an interview with American host Steve Colbert and showed off some Hand gestures that had fans laughing especially when V pointed out the “double bunny” and warned to fear the double bunny, Jimin showed sign for running after a man who has taken his pogo stick, in the end they showed the hand gesture for “Butter”

BTS had their first ever “Butter” performance during the Billboard Music Awards 2021 and what got the attention of fans was the dance break, j-hope’s part was spectacular, during the dance break j-hope can be seen walking his fingers on his legs, which is almost simililar to the part in the song “Permission to Dance”

BTS took their Polaroid photos for their “Butter” single. Fans noticed that V used sign language for his photo

BTS never does anything without reason and their music seeks to comfort, heal, uplift, and connect.

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