WATCH: BTS’ “Butter” Music Video Cover by Cats You Never Knew You Needed

Who knew they needed a video of cats doing BTS’ cover of their Billboard Hot 100 wonder, “Butter?” With most songs that are released, there will be millions of covers. Watch amateur or artist will try to give the song a unique twist to try and make it their own. After all, who needs to listen to the repeat of the song that has already been done? There are song covers that you listen to and you think, somehow it sounds better than the original and that is what makes a good cover.

There have already been thousands of BTS’ “Butter” covers but when I stumbled upon this video, it made my day, as much as the cats are not singing “which would have been LIT! (Jung Kook’s voice)” the concept and reactions of the cats are just priceless, they even have the mug shots and lick a lollipop. BTS have even watched fans do a unique take on some of their songs and they were impressed saying it inspires them when ARMY reinvents their songs and makes them want to work harder.

Behind the scenes of the making of the video

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