BTS’ V Sold Out The “Rockstud” Valentino Necklace He Wore For The “Permission to Dance” Music Video & 25+ Times He Sold Out Items

Kim Tae-hyung aka BTS’ V is a brand on his own right, just the name itself sells itself and thus his hand has the perfect Midas Touch. The “Blue & Grey” composer has overwhelming brand power and time and again he has proved that he makes trends, sells out items and looks gorgeous doing it. Whenever V steps out in brands whether it be for a phot shoot, music video, concept photos, on their variety show or Live sessions, fans take notice and they go searching for what V had on, was talking about, eating, being in the background of said item, whatever it is, better believe it will be sold out within minutes!

When their album “BE” was released, merch inspired by the album were released. V sold out the “Blue & Grey” inspired candle, which was engraved with his handwriting, on the Weverse shop within 2-3 minutes in the blink of an eye. It is also the first item to be sold out. BTS‘ V has a special brand of superpower, he completely sells out any product or item he touches.

When BTS’ music video was released, the outfit that BTS’ V wore, double denim and accessorized with layering necklaces was a hot topic and fans oohed and aaahed at how V looked in the MV, minutes later after finding out all the pieces of the accessories, the “Rockstud” Valentino Necklace that costs $480 discounted to $288 was sold out. At the time of writing the item is still sold out on Valentino’s online store! Brand power!

Twitter/Bangtan style

Here are 25+ times that BTS’ V Midas touch sold out items! over the years

SLIT CABLE SWEATER in GREEN worn by Taehyung for the Acceptance Speech of SMA is currently Sold Out in the Official Website of US and KR.

[BT21 New Arrival] PADDED SHOES 1st SOLD OUTFLEECE SLIPPERS 1st SOLD OUTFour series new arrival, sold out three now, TATA sells the most.

The sèfr cappuccino sweater Taehyung wore in his recent TaeTaeFM Vlive is sold out in all sizes on the official Sèfr site. The ami pleated trousers Taehyung wore only have one pair left for each size

Taehyung’s Dicon ‘BTS goes on!’ V version is the best selling member edition on HMV Japan online store. It’s currently at #2 in Top-selling ranking overall (24 hours).

Kloud Beer It’s already out of stock in Malaysia and is currently under Best Selling Products, Kim Taehyung’s impact

Ernest W. Baker – Geometric Floral Slim-fit shirt that Kim Taehyung was wearing in “Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and BTS sing Dynamite” is Sold out.

V wore a “Dimitri black five pocket bestman vest black” on Airport & Now its sold out at online store in all Size & colors!

Manomos Eyewear glasses , Moon C4 (Brown) that Taehyung wore at the Grammy Museum Interview is currently Sold Out on it’s website

This week almost everything that Kim Taehyung has been wearing since Lotte Concert to Chuseok Day to BTS week in Jimmy Fallon Show has been Sold out!

Tae vuelve a hacer sold out en los productos que viste! Su image de marca es increible (Tae is once again sold out on the products you saw! Your brand image is incredible)

Men’s Flower Patterned Embroidered Navy Hanbok that Kim Taehyung was wearing during 2020 Chuseok Celebration is Out Of Stock.

Four-leaf Clover necklace Taehyung was wearing performing HOME for the Fallon Show is Currently Sold Out.

Louis Vuitton Cloud 90s Slim Trousers that Taehyung and Yoongi both wore at #LotteDutyFreeFamilyConcert are sold out in all sizes in their website.

Samsung Galaxy Unboxing Video: AMIRI – Pleated Front Chambray Tuxedo Shirt In Blue that Taehyung wore was Sold out.

BTS V wears BERLUTI ‘Space Blue’ Military Rib Sweater, currently sold out.

Rochas – Collarless Vest (Grey) that Kim Taehyung was wearing in BTS Global Media Day was sold out

Kim Taehyung sold out the Acne Studios – Striped Shirt white/yellow that he was wearing after KACF Annual Gala.

FEAROFGODZegna: 1. Cotton Zip Neck Shirt 2. Wool Double Pleat Trouser 3. Wool Double Breasted Lapelless Jacket that Kim Taehyung was wearing in 201001 Jimmy Fallon “Dance Your Feelings with BTS” is Sold out.

“Saint Laurent – Slim Sequin Embellished Woven Blazer”, that Taehyung was wearing in Lotte Family Concert Advertisement is Sold out.

LANVIN – Printed cardigan in wool and silk, that Kim Taehyung was wearing for 47th Korean Broadcasting Awards Acceptance Speech was Sold Out.

After 200821 BTS Vlive, Saint Laurent – Flowers Flower Charm Pendant and CA4LA – ASTグリークAS3 that Kim Taehyung was wearing was Sold out.

The Lip Palm “Lip Fondue Aurora 3D Pearl” Taehyung used at MMA got sold out even though he has tried his best to hide the label while he was using it, ARMY still figured it out.

Taehyung’s Midas touch once again. His favourite scented candle “Dyptique baies candle” is already sold out in less than a day and became “best seller” on the official website.

[SPEAK YOURSELF THE FINAL sell on Weply DAY1&DAY2] 🔥Keyring 1st sold out 🔥1st sold out in all personal merchandise. 2 consecutive days, Taehyung is sold out first, and his keyring sold out in only 15mins.

In 2019 Seoul City TVC, BTS V wore a Fear of God Plaid Flannel Robe & it is currently sold out at MatchesFashion & FarFetch online store in all sizes

I went to Barnes & Noble in NYC on 86th street and not only do they sell BTS dolls, but Taehyung is literally the only one sold out. His power!

Went to SM Megamall (Philippines) today and taehyung mattel doll was the only sold out, even the display doll was bought

V is the brand King. Facts confirmed!

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