BTS Jin’s Solo Song “Epihany” Was Used for An ARMY’s First Ballet Performance

“Epiphany” is BTS’ Jin’ solo song which was released August 9, 2018 with the compilation album “Love Yourself: Answer.” A fan shared a clip of their niece doing her first ballet performance with Jin’s song playing in the background, which is just too adorable.

The music video for “Epiphany” was released a week ahead of the pending album “Love Yourself: Answer” as a comeback trailer. Upon release, searches for the word increased 575%. It had over twenty million views in the first twenty-four hours.

Rolling Stone India stated, “The lyrics are a literal epiphany about the fact that to love others, you first need to master the process of being able to love and accept yourself,” with Jin’s vocals being “dreamy and particularly striking on the background harmonies and adlibs

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