BTS’ j-hope Shared His Playlist Of Songs Of Korean Artists He Often Listens To & Permission to Dance! On BigHit Music Record On Melon Station

j-hope wants fans to listen to more Korean songs as he shares his playlist on Melon Station Bighit Music Record. He said that he thinks there are a lot of great songs in Korean, so he wanted to showcase j-hope’s favorite Korean songs. His songs include;• Crush – Lay Your Head On Me • Sung Sikyung – And we go • Tablo – Thank You For Breathing (ft Yankie), Bong Taegyu) • Taeyang – Love You To Dea • Taeyang – AFTER YOU SLEEP (ft Swings) • OH MY GIRL – Closer • BLACKPINK – Stay • Lee Hyun – Slander

“I welcome you to Melon Station Bighit Music Record, I’m J-hope from BTS. Have you enjoyed Bighit Music Records so far? Now it’s my turn. Thank you for waiting. We’ll also start right away with my playlist.” j-hope

“Here are my playlist themes: “Korean Songs, Hobi Playlist Music, Great Vocals”. How do you like the topics? There is a reason for this choice. There are really many masterpieces of song in Korea. So I wanted you guys to see some of these songs from Korea” j-hope

So I’m going to introduce you to some that I, J-Hope, hear. Let’s start with the first song before I start presenting my playlist. The artist of the first song is really famous. I have a connection with him too.” j-hope

“His voice is really nice and cool and hip. It’s CRUSH with the song “Lay Your Head On Me” j-hope

Open his playlist and listen to the songs

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