Han Hyun-min Modelled for BTS’ Debut Louis Vuitton‘s Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show in Seoul

Louis Vuitton /Han Hyun-min

Han Hyun-min Modelled for BTS’ Debut Louis Vuitton‘s Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show in Seoul. He posted about the show on his Instagram page, a picture of himself and a second photo with another model.

Han Hyun-min is a South Korean model and actor, who gained national recognition by becoming the first Korean model of African descent to walk the catwalks in South Korea and internationally.

Han Hyun-min

He is Korean-Nigerian and he started his modelling career when a modeling agency discovered Han via his Instagram at age 15 while he was still in school. They arranged a meeting and met at a coffee shop where they asked him to walk and signed him on the spot. Hyun-min got his big break when he was signed to appear for Han Sang-hyuk at the opening of his Heich Es Heich label.

Despite being scouted and getting the job Han faced many challenges being mixed race and has openly talked about his experiences growing up with a Nigerian father and Korean mother.

Han Hyun-min IG post

Speaking to VOGUE back in 2017, Han said, “They would say bad things about me. If I was with a friend, their mom would come and say don’t play with that kid…. Because my skin is different, some designers and brands won’t really use me,”

Han added that things have gotten better especially after peope around him realized that he could speak Korean, “At first it was bad, but nowadays, people know me,” he says, happily. “Now, they talk to me a lot”

Han modelling on BTS’ show just shows how far he has come, his hard work and love for his craft has led him to where he can be close to the world’s biggest Band and model where some agents would not cast him because of the color of his skin because they were not used to a broader horizon.

Though not as massive or on a large scale as BTS’ story, Han has a similar story of resilience in the face of hardship and knowing your dream then working to achieve it and not letting “NO” stop him.

Han Hyun-min

 “But rather than leaving, I want to work harder—being Han Hyun Min and building my own unique charm is important to me” he concluded

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