BTS’ SUGA’s Answer To The Last Time He Cried Will Make You Love Him Even More

No filter! Just facts of life! That is what BTS’ SUGA’s responses are always, he is funny as hell as he will say a joke with a serious face while the rest of the members are laughing their heads off. SUGA is known for his savage answers which in reality are just true facts that he relays back to you. SUGA with his in depth but also slightly sarcastic and witty answers are always the best. The most memorable moment of SUGA’s savage answer came about when they were shooting their Bon Voyage series.

BTS were asked by Jaeki Cho, Amazon Music when was the last time they cried and why they cried. Everyone turned to SUGA when he began talking about the last time he cried, the members expecting a confession and vulnerable moment. In classic SUGA style he just blurted, “I cried 2 hours ago when I yawned”

He then asked, “Is crying a big deal? tears can come out just like that”

RM just laughed saying that that was not crying!

Jimin, Jungkook and Suga were travelling seated together in the back of the car, then they all spotted a camel. Jimin confessed that he had never seen a real camel before to which Jungkook asked whether the camel was real, Suga just low key blasted Jungkook with his response Suga: “It’s a camelJimin: “I’ve never seen a camel before… Wow! It’s real!Jungkook: Is that a real camel?Suga: “Does it look like a person to you?

Watch full interview

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