BTS’ j-hope Reveals Why He Chose To Eat Butter at The End Of Their “Butter” Music Video & His Surprise at Fans Reactions

BTS talked about food they enjoy, tours, Masculinity, Crying, new Music Genres and more when they sat down with Jaeki Cho for their Amazon Music Interview. As they discussed, one moment in their “Butter” music video that always stands out apart from the member’s visuals, choreography and vocals that always stands out is rapper j-hope’s ending scene where he ate a chunk of real butter. In one of their recent live stream RM revealed that j-hope took a couple of hours to shoot that part, “j-hope ate butter for around an hour,” RM said

Jungkook then asked j-hope, “Hyung, be honest, how does the butter taste like?

“Oh, it’s so greasy,” J-Hope said.

Jin added, “actually, the music video could be 3 minutes but because of j-hope eating butter scene, it was 4 minutes.”

The interviewer asked the members how they came about with the process for their song “Butter” RM answered and then he turned to j-hope

Jaeki Cho: “j-hope, at the end of the video you ate a pack of butter. Did you end up doing that? What made you decide to do that? Wasn’t it greasy?”

j-hope: “A lot more people are shocked about it than I thought! Like when I watch MV reaction videos, I see people ‘gasp’ at that part. It’s simply because it’s “butter” I thought it would be a fun idea”

He continues

“Initially, the direction was to bring the butter close to my mouth and end there. But I thought it looked better visually to eat the whole thing, so I said ‘lets’ go for this,’ but I didn’t think it’d cause such a reaction” j-hope

RM: “Maybe (it was more visually impactful) because you hair is butter-colored?”

Kudos to j-hope sticking to his idea until the end

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