BTS Have Prepared Another Special Gift For ARMYs Birthday, What Can You Expect?

ARMYs Birthday is coming up on 9th July and BTS already have a gift for them, “Permission to Dance” being released on that day. They are not done with gifts as they have just announced a “Birthday Playlist” for ARMY that is coming soon. On BTS’s official handle they posted a gif of a purple casette playing with writting inscribed on it, the post said

“ARMY, Happy Birthday. The ARMY Birthday gift that the Bangtannies prepared is expected to arrive soon. Just a bit longer

The birthday playlist includes these songs

RM’s “Bicycle”

Jin’ “Abyss”

V’s “Snow Flower”

j-hope’s Hope World”

AgustD’s “People”

Jimin’s “Filter”

We do not know what the playlist entails, whether it will be a CD or Vinyl package of the songs or if it will be live performances. That means fans will have to wait and see the surprise for themselves

Meanwhile BTS have uodated on their instagram stories photos of the members with the hashtags #Happy_ARMY_Day #ARMY_Playlist #COMING SOON and #BTS

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