Edward Barsamian Former Style Editor at VOGUE Mentioned BTS’ Jimin After The LVMenFW21 Show


Jimin is a natural born super star, not only does he have the incredibly intimidatingly beautiful visuals but he has the physique to go with it. ARMY freaked out over his tiney tiny waist and are always raving about how Jimin’s body proportions are insanely good. The 26 year old vocalist and main dancer is flawless, natural, yet so outstandingly beautiful that you have to do triple takes when you look at him. Jimin is a trend setter and his airport fashion is usually well thought out and planned whether mentally or randomly. He knows what looks good on him and what works for him in terms of style, color, look and occasion.

Jimin is not afraid to break gender stereotypes of what fashion is or what it means to both men and women, to him, as long as it looks good, fits him, speaks of whatever message he wants to pass across, then he’s good to go. He is confident and wears the clothes with an enviable confidence. He has sold out Louis Vuitton outfits before, literally anything he wears gets sold out because everyone wants to look as good as Mr. Park Jimin himself.

Edward Barsamian Former Style Editor at VOGUE and is followed by Vogue Magazine, Chrissy Teigen among other celebrities, congratulated BTS’ first runway show and said that he loved Jimin’s opening look. He tweeted after the show

“bravo to BTS for their runway debut + to Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton for a fab #LVMenFW21 show. #BTSxLouisVuitton. also love the opening look on #JIMIN” Edward Barsamian


I mean, look at him make that grand entrance, who else but Park Jimin!

Edward Barsamian could be Jimin biased as he also commented on his look in one of the photos after retweeting a fan’s post saying “this look, mad for plaid”

Or he could just be loving Jimin’s fits and general aura, nah, we go with he just found his bias and maybe or maybe not knows about it. And we couldn’t blame him, Jimin is your bias, your bias wrecker, your bias’s bias wrecker, he’s just too cool

Watch the full show

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