BTS Jin’s Solo Song “Moon” Achieved its 110th #1 On iTunes, ARMY Celebrating With #110thMoonByJin

“Moon” by BTS’ vocalist and song writer Jin has officially peaked in its 110th country in the world on iTunes. It is only the 5th song in iTunes history to achieve this milestone. Jin has co-written and released three solo tracks with BTS: “Awake” (2016), “Epiphany” (2018), and “Moon” (2020) all of which have charted on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. In Kim Young-dae’s 2019 novel BTS: The Review, members of the Grammy panel stated that his voice has stable breath control and a strong falsetto, calling it a “silver voice”

Moon is Jin’s solo track from their record breaking album “Map Of The Soul: 7” Jin performed the song for the very first time of their virtual online concert “Map Of The Soul ON:E” which shattered Guinness World records.

With over 90k tweets, #110thMoonByJin is trending #5 WORLDWIDE. Jin dominates the global trend, occupying #110thMoonByJin 8th place in the global trend with more than 46.6 thousand tweets and the phrase “CONGRATULATIONS JIN” 11th place in the trend with more than 45.1 thousand tweets in celebration of the achievement of Jin Moon

#110thMoonByJin is now trending in USA at #7 with 85.8K tweets. #110thMoonByJin is currently trending WORLDWIDE and in 8 COUNTRIES – Mexico, Malaysia, Philipines, Peru, Indonesia, Peurto Rico, United States, India, with 90K+ tweets.

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