Epic Reads Mentioned BTS’ Jin and Jimin, Fans Are Loving The Cross Over Of Books & Bangtan

Epic Reads, tweeted two photos of BTS’ Jin and Jimin as they were talking about “Twilight” BTS were on their weekly variety show RUN BTS! and they were asked to name children’s fairy tales that had wolves in them. Jin was the first to answer “Twilight” the others laughed but Jimin also mentioned “Twilight” as he named the fairy tales with wolves in them.

Epic Reads is part of the HarperCollins family and is an online community where you can join the book club to read great novels, meet other book lovers and even win books whenever they have competitions. Epic Reads believes in, talking about and getting excited for ALL of the YA books! One day reading all of the books on our “to be read” shelf.

Also, Sniffing books. Embracing The Feels and ugly crying. Celebrating all the things that make us book nerdy. *book shimmying* Spreading the love for books you may not have heard of but definitely need to read. Reading. It doesn’t matter what you read, we just want everyone to read!!

One fan wrote,

“Let me tell you. Kim SeokJin is the man. He is a Potterhead (true Gryffindor, not only bc he says so but bc he truly is), always making geek references as HP, LOTR, Matrix, classic animes, Ghibli movies, Star Wars, Disney, Games (a pro), comics/superheroes (he’s big Iron Man fan) Jin is a Pokemon encyclopedia, a Mario fanboy, the Maplestore Lord, the creator and father of the cutest dolls RJ, does marathon of zombie movies/shows. He has action figures collection. Now Twilight. As an actor, love movies. I just love he just let it out a reference out of nothing and you can see and feel how is the most genuine thing. I love it. 90s kid with an old soul. He might he isn’t, but def reads many books, some even RM decide read after see him reading. He’s adorable.”

Others commented and said

“Not Epic Reads tweeting about BTS omfg YES my day is made,”

“not me smiling and screaming so much about this epic read x bts crossover,”

“the crossover i wasn’t expecting but am very much loving


“When the things I love come together in the same time space.”

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