Cute & Funny Moments On BTS’ RUN BTS! Episode 144

“Dalbang Gayo” (RUN BTS Top Songs) We didn’t know what Armys like was the theme for RUN BTS! Episode 144. The members had to guess the songs by a drawing that another member made after listening to the song. The whole episode was chaotic as they all fought to outdo each other by any means necessary.

And in true bangtan style, they stole answers from each other, shared tips even though it was an individual game, happy winners, dissapointed losers, confused players, it was all a lot of beautiful chaos!

The members, Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook also had to guess the songs that ARMY likes, their comfort song and the song they would like BTS to perform live. They were all surprised to learn that ARMY wants them to play “Louder than Bombs” especially RM.

At the end of the episode it got emotional as the members talked about wanting to perform on stage with fans again and reminisced on their past shows.

Here are FUNNY, CUTE moments that we loved on the episode

Our favourite NamGi moments

Our favourite “Koo” moments

Yoongi’s back! Cute dance

Cute tannies moments

Jin’s happy laugh

V’s genius brain

Our favorite TaeGi moment

Our favourite VHope moment

Jung Kook’s relay run after getting the answer for the first time

Our favourite Taejin moment, nose bump

Our favourite SoPe moment

Jung Kook teasing Yoongi and Jimin dying of laughter

Our favourite HopeKook moment

Tannies know ARMY loves Baepsae “j-hope’s hip thrusts” 🙊

Our favourite VMin moments

Jung Kook trusfrated😆 Angry bunny

The past and present meet

Namjoon being shocked and confused in the whole episode

V’ “UGH” enthusiast saga cobtinues

The emotional ending

Watch the full episode

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