“Cowboys” Currently Trending After BTS’ Latest Photo Leaving ARMYs Conflicted Over Theme for “Permission to Dance”

BTS are set to debut their new single “Permission to Dance” in less than 2 days! On 9th July 2021. The song is a gift to celebrate ARMYs (BTS’ fans) birthday and to thank them for the support they have given “Butter” their latest chart topper and music records breaker. The song will be premiered on Naver NOW and HYBE label’s YouTube channel.

A photo was shared for BTS’s appearance and performance for the new song. The photo has BTS dressed in outfits that look similar to Cowboys outfits which now had ARMYs confused and conflicted over what the visuals for the song “Permission to Dance” will be.

Comments like “bts went from being criminals to being car washers and now cowboys” and “now how did we go from handcuffs to beaches to carwash to cowboy era. exactly what is permission to dance” are raising debate about the new look that BTS is spotting.

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