Battle Of The Sandwiches! Who Has The Better Sandwich? BTS’ j-hope Vs. Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay?

Battle of the Recipes. It was a Breakfast Sandwich showdown on 23rd May when Buzzfeed shared “Celebrity Recipe Royale” battle between two celebrity recipes, this one was between super star idol j-hope and super star chef, Gordon Ramsay. Buzzfeed an American Internet media, news and entertainment company with a focus on digital media shared on their YouTube channel chef Ross Pineda making the breakfast sandwiches and then three individual doing a blind test to find our which was their favorite breakfast sandwich.

We have seen both chef Ramsay and rapper j-hope cook in the kitchen. Whereas chef Ramsay is on a more professional and competitive level, j-hope’s cooking is usually laid back and gets competitive whenever they have cooking challenges on their Variety show, RUN BTS! So this would be a great match, imagining if they physically went head to head on a recipe challenge! Speaking it into the universe!

BTS’ j-hope

BTS’ j-hope is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, dancer, and record producer. j-hope has performed in five concert tours (three of which have been worldwide), six fan meeting tours, one joint tour, eight showcases, and eleven concerts since their debut in 2013. j-hope’s sandwich recipe named “j-hope’s golden sandwich” which was revealed in V Live back in 2019, was made using butter, blueberry jam, egg scramble and bacon.

j-hope’s breakfast sandwich

Chef Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a British chef, restaurateur, television personality and writer. Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef known for appearing on Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Hotel Hell, 24 Hours to Hell and Back and MasterChef US. Gordon Ramsay’s recipe was a Cajun-style sandwich that was made with a croissants instead of regular bread, adding ham, Canadian bacon, eggs, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese, including mayonnaise, hot sauce and lemon.

Gordon Ramsay’s breakfast sandwich

After tasting both sandwiches, the three guests gave their option on how good the sandwiches were in different ways. One taster was even surprised that jam went well with bacon! j-hope-s golden sandwich was named the winner with reviewers saying that the sandwich looked simple but tasted amazing. Another one said how the sweet jam and bacon were well balanced while the third taster was reminded of the sandwiches she ate back in Korea.

Watch the battle of the sandwiches below!

Congratulations j-hope’s Golden breakfast sandwich!

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