WATCH BTS Perform “Butter” On Japan’s THE MUSIC DAY

“The MUSIC DAY” Japan hosted BTS for their performance of “Butter” “Butter” is the longest leading Billboard Hot 100 song by any group with 5 consecutive at #1 on the chart. The song was written by Jenna Andrews, RM, Alex Bilowitz, Sebastian Garcia, Robert Grimaldi, Stephen Kirk, and Ron Perry. BTS will be releasing a new single on 9th May 2021.

The CD single of “Butter” includes “Permission to Dance”, a song written by Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid, Steve Mac, and Jenna Andrews, with production by Mac, Stephen Kirk, and Andrews. Scheduled for release on July 9, the track listing also includes instrumental versions of the two songs.

“Butter” premiere garnered over 3.9 million peak concurrent viewers on YouTube, surpassing previous record holder “Dynamite’s over 3 million concurrents attained in August 2020 and setting a new all-time record for the biggest music video premiere on the platform. It also became the most viewed YouTube video in the first 24 hours, amassing 108.2 million views, another all-time high on the platform and setting four new Guinness World Records.

BTS have performed “Butter” at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Good Morning America’s 2021 Summer Concert Series, NTV’s Music Blood and on SiriusXM Hits 1

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