It’s BTS’ “Butter” Vs. Louis Tomlinson’s “Kill My Mind” For The Chance To Play at Wembley Stadium During UEFA EURO 2020

Nothing gets BTS’ ARMY excited than voting for their favorite band in the world. BTS ARMY is thrilled to make BTS’ the winner of the UEFA poll that is set to which song will be played at Wembley stadium. Other artists that are in the poll include Louis Tomlinson’s “Kill My Mind” which is neck and neck with “Butter”, Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”, and Usher’s “Yeah”. Wembley Stadium marks a historic significance for both ARMY and BTS since they Billboard, Grammy nominated artists became the first South Korean group to headline at the gigantic venue performing to a crowd of 60000 fans!

The poll is still ongoing and the results currently are as follows, Currently BTS ‘Butter’ is at 47.7%, ‘Kill My Mind’ at 42.6%, ‘Bad Guy’ acquiring 6.5% of fan votes with Usher’s ‘Yeah’ at 3.2%. With 3 hours left there are already 3,689,066 million votes cast overall

On July 6, Italy will be facing Spain at the Wembley Stadium in London at 3.00 pm (ET) in the UEFA European Championship 2020 Knockout Stage. Please vote on the UEFA poll if you haven’t already!”

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